Commit 61aa8c25 authored by MUSSET Paul's avatar MUSSET Paul
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Merge branch 'xrdcl-http' into 'dev'

add Xrdcl http config file

See merge request !19
parents 0a408388 e738e412
url = https://*
lib = /usr/lib64/
enable = true
url = https://*
lib = /usr/lib64/
enable = true
......@@ -13,13 +13,13 @@ ofs.osslib
# Namespace (contains link to the actual data)
oss.localroot /mnt/xcache-ns
oss.localroot /mnt/xcache/ns
# Metadata directories (cinfo files) meta /mnt/xcache-meta meta /mnt/xcache/metadata
# Data directories data /mnt/xcache-storage/data* data /mnt/xcache/storage/data*
# Xcache spaces assignement
pfc.spaces data meta
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