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Commit 40654057 authored by Pierre Aubert's avatar Pierre Aubert
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Finish to take account operator priority in the genreated parser, No time to lunch and then test

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......@@ -58,8 +58,10 @@ std::string repr_cpp_singleTokenOperator(const POperator & op, const PGraphToken
body += "\t\tlong priorityOp(get_priority_operator(op)), priorityInput(get_priority_operator("+varName+"));\n";
body += "\t\tif(priorityOp > priorityInput){\n";
body += "\t\t\t//repr_cpp_token_operator : Let's get the last operand of the input "+varName+"\n";
body += "\t\t\t\n";
body += "\t\t\t\n";
body += "\t\t\tPStmt * lastOp = get_last_operand_of_operator("+varName+");\n";
body += "\t\t\tvecOperand.push_back(*lastOp);\t//This is a copy, so it works\n";
body += "\t\t\tvecOperand.push_back(rightOp);\n";
body += "\t\t\t*lastOp = op;\n";
body += "\t\t\t\n";
body += "\t\t\tisStandardPushBack = false;\n";
body += "\t\t}\n";
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