Commit 3fd9e34a authored by Pierre Aubert's avatar Pierre Aubert
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Ok for multiple class definition

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......@@ -122,10 +122,8 @@ bool parsePClassConfig(std::list<PClassConfig> & listClassConfig, PFileParser &
bool searchingData(true);
while(!parser.isEndOfFile() && searchingData){
searchingData = false;
}else if(updateCurrentComment(parser, currentComment)){}
while(!parser.isEndOfFile() && searchingData && !parser.isMatch("}")){
if(updateCurrentComment(parser, currentComment)){}
else{ //Si ce n'est pas un séparateur, c'est que l'on a trouvé un nom, de PDataGroup ou de PDataVar ou PDataTable
if(!parseClassConfigAttribut(config, parser, currentComment)){
errorUnexpectedToken(parser, parser.getNextToken());
......@@ -150,7 +148,7 @@ bool parserClassConfig(std::list<PClassConfig> & listClassConfig, std::list<std:
if(! return false;
std::string currentComment("");
while(!parser.isEndOfFile() && !parser.isMatch("}")){
listInclude.push_back(eraseCharsInStr(parser.getUntilKeyWithoutPatern("\n")," \t\n"));
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