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Add test to check the clas parsing

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# TODO : finish the following test
# add_subdirectory(TEST_CMAKE_LIST_GENERATOR)
add_executable(test_pclass_parsing main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(test_pclass_parsing phoenix_generator file_parser string_utils)
add_test(NAME TestPClassParsing
///@brief Test Shadok
ConfigShadok {
///Age of the Shadok
int age;
///Name of the Shadok
std::string name;
#include <string>
#include <vector>
///@brief Nested string or variable call
///String which can be a call to an other variable or a simple string
std::string value;
///True if the PNestedStr calls a variable
bool isVarCall;
///@brief Class used to parse nested call variables
///Name of the Variable
std::string name;
///Vector of PNestedStr
std::vector<PNestedStr> vecNestedStr;
Auteur : Pierre Aubert
Mail :
Licence : CeCILL-C
#include <iostream>
#include "class_attribute_utils.h"
#include "saveClassConfig.h"
#include "saveClassConfigTest.h"
#include "parserClassConfig.h"
///Test the PClassConfig
/** @param classConfig : class configuration file to be read
* @param enableDataStream : true to enable data stream save, false otherwise
* @return true on success, false otherwise
bool testClassConfigDataStream(const std::string & classConfig, bool enableDataStream){
bool b(true);
b &= saveParserClassConfig("Shadok", classConfig, enableDataStream);
std::cout << "testClassConfigDataStream : b = " << b << std::endl;
return b;
int main(int argc, char ** argv){
bool b(true);
b &= testClassConfigDataStream(CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR "/ConfigShadok.pdata", false);
b &= testClassConfigDataStream(CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR "/ConfigShadok.pdata", true);
b &= testClassConfigDataStream(CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR "/PNestedCall.pdata", false);
b &= testClassConfigDataStream(CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR "/PNestedCall.pdata", true);
return b - 1;
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