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Commit eaea1f8e authored by Pierre Aubert's avatar Pierre Aubert
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Add branch test

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......@@ -40,9 +40,11 @@ bool testPHistogram(){
PHistogram<float> emptyHist;
std::cout << emptyHist << std::endl;
PHistogram<float> singleValueHist(1lu);
std::cout << singleValueHist << std::endl;
return b;
......@@ -57,6 +59,7 @@ bool testPHistogram2(){
float tabValue[] = {1.0f,4.0f,6.0f,3.0f,6.0f,6.0f,7.0f,4.0f,3.0f,7.0f,5.0f,3.0f,5.0f,6.0f};
hist.addValue(NULL, 0lu);
hist.addValue(NULL, 42lu);
hist.setValueRange(tabValue, 14lu);
hist.addValue(tabValue, 14lu);
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