Commit 726ab9c3 authored by Thomas Vuillaume's avatar Thomas Vuillaume
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finally fixing this node issue

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......@@ -116,12 +116,12 @@ def stack_and_write_images_table(input_filename, hfile_out, node_dl1_event):
telescope_node = node_dl1_event.telescope
imag_per_tels = [Table( for table_img in telescope_node.images]
imag_per_tels = [Table( for table_img in telescope_node.image]
image_table = vstack(imag_per_tels)
for tab in telescope_node.images:
for tab in telescope_node.image:
# Todo change names of column `image_mask` to `` ??
......@@ -308,6 +308,7 @@ def create_hfile_out(input_filename, outfile_name, sim_pointer08, config_pointer
# This will only happen on ctapipe, not RTA
# hfile_out.remove_node(dl1_event_node06.telescope.trigger) # Table stored twice, remove to avoid problems.
hfile_out.rename_node(dl1_event_node06.telescope.images, newname='image')
subarray_pointer = hfile_out.root.dl1.event.subarray
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