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Commit d8334ed5 authored by Enrique Garcia's avatar Enrique Garcia
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Merge branch 'debug_rta' into 'master'

debug_rta before second shift

See merge request !13
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......@@ -70,9 +70,12 @@ exchange_dir: # ABSOLUTE PATHS !!!
exchange_dl3: '${common_abs_path}/dl3'
confighdf5: '${common_abs_path}/base_structure_hdf5_3945.h5' # ABS PATH
tmp_dl1_file: "${exchange_dl1}/${prefix_dl1}_${threadFileId}.h5"
tmp_dl2_file: "${exchange_dl2}/${prefix_dl2}_${threadFileId}.h5"
tmp_dl3_file: "${exchange_dl3}/${prefix_dl3}_${threadFileId}.h5"
tmp_prefix: "${obs_id}_${run_id}_${tel_id}_${threadFileId}"
tmp_dl1_file: "${exchange_dl1}/${prefix_dl1}_${tmp_prefix}.h5"
tmp_dl2_file: "${exchange_dl2}/${prefix_dl2}_${tmp_prefix}.h5"
tmp_dl3_file: "${exchange_dl3}/${prefix_dl3}_${tmp_prefix}.h5"
model_path: "/fefs/aswg/workspace/thomas.vuillaume/mchdf5/models/20200629_prod5_trans_80/zenith_20deg/south_pointing/20210428_vRTA400-dev_v0.6.3_prod5_trans_80_local_tail_8_4"
lstchain_config_file: "/fefs/aswg/workspace/enrique.garcia/RTA/lstchain_standard_config_v063-RTA_Tel1_wo_n_islands.json"
......@@ -89,29 +92,22 @@ host_config: # This should be repeated the X number of threads to be launched.
# Configuration to start slurm sub-jobs automatically from hiperta_stream_r0_dl1 when a DL1 file is produced
job_argument: "-A aswg -p short"
machines: "cp42-cp49"
machines: "cp[42-49]"
command: "hiperta_dl1_to_dl2 -f ${tmp_dl1_file} -o ${tmp_dl2_file} -p ${model_path} -c ${lstchain_config_file}"
machines: "cp42-cp49"
command: "hiperta_plot_dl1 -i ${tmp_dl1_file}"
command: "stream_plot_dl1 -i ${tmp_dl1_file} -o ${common_abs_path}/plot_dl1_${tmp_prefix}.pdf"
job_argument: "-A aswg -p short"
machines: "cp42-cp49"
command: "rm ${tmp_dl1_file}"
depdendencies: [dl1dl2, plotdl1]
command: "hiperta_dl2_dl3 -i ${tmp_dl2_file} -o ${tmp_dl3_file}"
machines: "cp42-cp49"
depdendencies: [dl1dl2]
command: "hiperta_plot_dl2 -i ${tmp_dl2_file}"
job_argument: "-A aswg -p short"
machines: "cp50-cp54"
command: "lstchain_dl2_to_dl3 -f ${tmp_dl2_file} -o ${exchange_dl3}"
depdendencies: [dl1dl2]
command: "rm ${tmp_dl2_file}"
depdendencies: [dl2dl3, plotdl2]
depdendencies: [dl2dl3]
......@@ -88,9 +88,10 @@ def start_stream_host(host_config, config, config_file, host_index, nb_total_thr
read_zfits = ''
base_cmd = f"""hiperta_stream_r0_dl1 -i {host_name} -p {host_port} -o {output_base_filename} """ \
f"""-b {base_output_file_index} -e {nb_events} -m {nb_max_events} -c {config_file} -n {nb_total_threads} """ \
f"""-g {host_index} -t {nb_threads} {read_zfits} """
base_cmd = f"""hiperta_stream_r0_dl1 --input {host_name} --port {host_port} --output {output_base_filename} """ \
f"""--baseoutputfilevalue {base_output_file_index} --nbeventperhdf5 {nb_events} """ \
f"""--nbmaxmessage {nb_max_events} --configcut {os.path.abspath(config_file)} """ \
f"""--fullnbthread {nb_total_threads} --processindex {host_index} --nbthread {nb_threads} {read_zfits}"""
# Update base_output_file_index
base_output_file_index += nb_threads
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