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Commit a8194ba2 authored by Jérémie Dudouet's avatar Jérémie Dudouet
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forgot to change a name in projection

parent 5f0f1794
......@@ -150,7 +150,10 @@ void CXTH1Proj::Project(Bool_t FixRange){
Float_t TotalGateWidth = 0;
Float_t TotalBGDWidth = 0;
TString ProjName = Form("%s_Proj",fGGHist->GetName());
TString ProjName;
if(fProjectionAxis==0) ProjName = Form("%s_ProjY",fGGHist->GetName());
else ProjName = Form("%s_ProjX",fGGHist->GetName());
TString NameGates = "";
TString NameBGD = "";
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