Commit a3130f68 authored by Reza  ANSARI's avatar Reza ANSARI
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Correction bug dans Commander::InterpretML() et correction commentaires...

Correction bug dans Commander::InterpretML() et correction commentaires autodoc pour Range ds utilarr.h , Reza
parent d8883621
......@@ -1269,8 +1269,8 @@ int Commander::InterpretML(string& lines)
size_t nlp=lines.find('\n',curp);
if ((nlp<len)&&(nlp>curp)) {
if (s.length()>0) rc=Interpret(s);
curp=nlp+1; while (lines[curp]=='\n') curp++;
else {
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ class Range_Array_Grp {
\brief A utiliy function to ease creation of Range_Array_Grp from Ranges and an array
Note that the optional flag \b fgrevdim, reverses the order of Ranges put in the corresponding
vector in Range_Array_Grp<T> if put to true.
vector in Range_Array_Grp<T> if set to true.
The default order (fgrevdim=false) correspond to the SOPHYA::TArray<T> convention. The first element
in the vector correspond to SizeX/OffsetX.
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