Commit 0afeaf12 authored by Réza Ansari's avatar Réza Ansari
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Modif cosmetique pour warning compilation, Reza 28/2/2017

parent 13fed4e4
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ public:
double deltanufft=250./4096; // 250 MHz en 4096 frequences
double freqstart=1250.; // Bande de 1250-1500 MHz
sa_size_t jfmin_=(f0_-freqstart-0.5*df_)/deltanufft;
sa_size_t jfmax_=(f0_-freqstart+0.5*df_)/deltanufft;
sa_size_t jfmin_=(sa_size_t)((f0_-freqstart-0.5*df_)/deltanufft);
sa_size_t jfmax_=(sa_size_t)((f0_-freqstart+0.5*df_)/deltanufft);
if ((jfmin_<0)||(jfmin_>4095)||(jfmax_<0)||(jfmax_>4095)) {
cout<<"P4FreqBand(f0="<<f0<<" ,df="<<df<<") ERROR -> Out of range (0...4095) jfmin="<<jfmin_<<" jfmax="<<jfmax_<<endl;
throw ParmError("P4FreqBand(f0,df) Out of range (0...4095) jfmin,jfmax");
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