Commit 1cc3250e authored by Reza  ANSARI's avatar Reza ANSARI
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correction cosmetique, Reza 16/01/2018

parent 166d920f
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ void P4gvCor::applyGain(TMatrix <complex <float> > & mtx, TimeStamp const & tms
if (!Gt_corr_param_defined_ && glob_normalisation_defined_ && fgdonorm) {
for(sa_size_t r=0; r< mtx.NRows(); r++)
mtx.Row(r) *= complex<float>((float)visi_norm_[(size_t)r],0.);
if (!Gt_corr_param_defined_) return;
P4AVisiNumEncoder venc;
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