Commit 38130d11 authored by Reza Ansari's avatar Reza Ansari
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modif cosmetique, correction texte d'aide en ligne, Reza

parent 4982a23a
......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ int Usage(void)
cout<<"--- : Read PPF files produced by mfacq time-frequency\n"<<endl;
cout<<"Usage: rdvisip4 [-options] [usegain] [meanfft] [cxfreq] \n";
cout<<" usegain : use the gain file to correct visibilities before averaging \n";
cout<<" if usegain not specified, gains computed and saved to file \n";
cout<<" meanfft : try to read mean FFT coeff and subtract it from visib. \n";
cout<<" cxfreq : try to read cross-frequency correlation matrix and compute mean of it \n";
cout<<" WARNING: Only one of the two options (meanfft , cxfreq) can be specified \n";
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