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Commit 3ac67f4f authored by Réza Ansari's avatar Réza Ansari
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Modif cosmetique, nom de colonne de NTuple, Reza 28/2/2017

parent 78813397
......@@ -305,8 +305,8 @@ NTuple CreateAC_MeanSigNTuple(P4AnaParams const& p)
sprintf(vname,"Freq%d",j+1); info[vname]=p.fbands_[j].f0_;
sprintf(vname,"DeltaFreq%d",j+1); info[vname]=p.fbands_[j].df_;
for(int k=0; k<8; k++) { // boucle sur les 8 voies d'auto-correlation
ntnames[cnt]=buff+cnt*L; sprintf(ntnames[cnt],"p%df%d",k,j+1); cnt++;
ntnames[cnt]=buff+cnt*L; sprintf(ntnames[cnt],"sigp%df%d",k,j+1); cnt++;
ntnames[cnt]=buff+cnt*L; sprintf(ntnames[cnt],"p%df%d",k+1,j+1); cnt++;
ntnames[cnt]=buff+cnt*L; sprintf(ntnames[cnt],"sigp%df%d",k+1,j+1); cnt++;
NTuple ntt(cnt, ntnames, 384, false); // float numbers have enough precision for us
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