Commit 4050fef1 authored by Reza Ansari's avatar Reza Ansari
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Correction bug (decalage colonnes) creation DataTable, Reza 6/11/2017

parent 6058af32
...@@ -111,12 +111,12 @@ int main(int narg, const char* arg[]) ...@@ -111,12 +111,12 @@ int main(int narg, const char* arg[])
dt.AddIntegerColumn(dtnames[0]); dt.AddIntegerColumn(dtnames[0]);
dt.AddIntegerColumn(dtnames[1]); dt.AddIntegerColumn(dtnames[1]);
dt.AddFloatColumn(dtnames[2]); dt.AddFloatColumn(dtnames[2]);
for(int kk=0; kk<8; kk++) for(int kk=0; kk<16; kk++)
dt.AddFloatColumn(dtnames[3+kk]); dt.AddFloatColumn(dtnames[3+kk]);
for(int kk=0; kk<24; kk++) for(int kk=0; kk<24; kk++)
dt.AddComplexColumn(dtnames[3+8+kk]); dt.AddComplexColumn(dtnames[3+16+kk]);
for(int kk=0; kk<8; kk++) for(int kk=0; kk<8; kk++)
dt.AddComplexColumn(dtnames[3+8+24+kk]); dt.AddComplexColumn(dtnames[3+16+24+kk]);
P4AVisiNumEncoder p4venc; P4AVisiNumEncoder p4venc;
std::vector<sa_size_t> kac = p4venc.getAllAutoCor(); std::vector<sa_size_t> kac = p4venc.getAllAutoCor();
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