Commit 7f7823ff authored by Reza  ANSARI's avatar Reza ANSARI
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Correction d'un bug compatibilite tailles TArray (TVector remplace par TArray) , Reza 19/08/2018

parent d66e19e7
......@@ -215,8 +215,8 @@ int main(int narg, const char* arg[])
cout<<" visamm/Info: Normalising using count map - Count/ Min="<<cmin<<" Max="<<cmax<<" Mean="<<cmean<<endl;
TVector<r_4> norm((sa_size_t)racntmap.Size());
TVector< complex<r_4> > normZ((sa_size_t)racntmap.Size());
TArray<r_4> norm((sa_size_t)racntmap.Size());
TArray< complex<r_4> > normZ((sa_size_t)racntmap.Size());
norm = (r_4)0.;
normZ = complex<r_4>(0.,0.);
for(sa_size_t i=0; i<racntmap.Size(); i++) {
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