Commit c950c381 authored by Reza  ANSARI's avatar Reza ANSARI
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Correction de bug (NbCxCorr() au lieu de NbAutoCorr() ds methode d'imrpession, Reza

parent e54c1e19
......@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ ostream & AcxDataSet::PrintACFitSummary(ostream & os)
os<<" RcFit="<<setw(6)<<v_RcFit_ac[i]<<" Xi2Red= "<<setw(8)<<v_xi2red_ac[i]<<endl;
os << "### ZenithAngleDeg DishNumber(1..4) D_dish (m) ThetaDeg PhiDeg DeltaPointage (Theta, Phi - Deg) "<<endl;
for(size_t i=0; i<getNbCrossCor(); i++) {
for(size_t i=0; i<getNbAutoCor(); i++) {
os <<setw(6)<<zenang<<" "<<setw(3)<<i+1<<" "<<setw(6)<<v_Ddish[i]<<" "
<<setw(6)<<Angle(v_thetaant[i]).ToDegree()<<" "<<setw(6)<<Angle(v_phiant[i]).ToDegree()<<" "
<<setw(6)<<Angle(v_deltapointage_theta[i]).ToDegree()<<" "<<setw(6)<<Angle(v_deltapointage_phi[i]).ToDegree()<<endl;
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