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Commit d77d5a5a authored by Jean-Eric Campagne's avatar Jean-Eric Campagne
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bug in legend

parent ea737a5e
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ def FitPolar(data, src, polar):
for i in range(1,data.shape[1]):
xclean, yclean, _ = Clean(freq, data[:,i])
rc, fcenter, deg, coeff, res, iqrn = FitPolynomial(xclean,yclean)
info = np.array([i+1])
polarIdx = i+1
info = np.array([polarIdx])
info = np.append(info,[fcenter])
info = np.append(info,[deg])
info = np.append(info,coeff)
......@@ -61,8 +62,8 @@ def FitPolar(data, src, polar):
idx0 = 2*i-2
idx1 = idx0 + 1
axs[idx0].plot(freq, data[:,i],label='Phi'+str(i)+polar)
axs[idx0].plot(xclean, yclean,ls='--',label='Phi'+str(i)+polar+' cleaned')
axs[idx0].plot(freq, data[:,i],label='Phi'+str(polarIdx)+polar)
axs[idx0].plot(xclean, yclean,ls='--',label='Phi'+str(polarIdx)+polar+' cleaned')
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