Commit dd161d97 authored by Reza  ANSARI's avatar Reza ANSARI
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Suite Debug (encore !) impression summary des fits , Reza 04/04/2019

parent 334e42fd
......@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ ostream & AcxDataSet::PrintACFitSummary(ostream & os)
double azimdeg=90.-Angle(phiant).ToDegree();
if (azimdeg<0.) azimdeg += 360.;
double err_azimdeg=Angle(err_phiant).ToDegree();
os<<acnames[i]<<" D(m)= "<<setw(6)<<v_Ddish[i]<<" +/- "<<setw(6)<<v_err_Ddish[i];
os<<acnames[i]<<" D(m)= "<<setw(8)<<v_Ddish[i]<<" +/- "<<setw(8)<<v_err_Ddish[i];
os<<" Elev(deg)= "<<setw(8)<<elevdeg<<" +/- "<<setw(8)<<err_elevdeg;
os<<" Azim(deg)= "<<setw(8)<<azimdeg<<" +/- "<<setw(8)<<err_azimdeg;
os<<" RcFit="<<setw(6)<<v_RcFit_ac[i]<<" Xi2Red="<<setw(8)<<v_xi2red_ac[i]<<endl;
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