Commit df014160 authored by Reza Ansari's avatar Reza Ansari
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Ajout methode P4AVisiNumEncoder::isAutoCor(), Reza 22/09/2017

parent b83334f8
......@@ -127,6 +127,14 @@ std::pair<sa_size_t , sa_size_t> P4AVisiNumEncoder::getFeedPair(sa_size_t visnum
return pair<sa_size_t , sa_size_t>((sa_size_t)(-1), (sa_size_t)(-1));
bool P4AVisiNumEncoder::isAutoCor(sa_size_t visnum)
pair<sa_size_t , sa_size_t> pij = P4AVisiNumEncoder::getFeedPair(visnum);
if (pij.first < 0) return false;
if (pij.first == pij.second) return true;
return false;
std::string P4AVisiNumEncoder::getFeedName(sa_size_t fnum)
if ((fnum>=0)&&(fnum<8)) return std::string(feedname_[fnum]);
......@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@ public:
static std::string Convert2VisiName(sa_size_t visnum);
//! return a pair of numbers identifying the two feed signals combined to obtain the corresponding visibility
static std::pair<sa_size_t , sa_size_t> getFeedPair(sa_size_t visnum);
//! return true if \b visnum corresponds to an auto-correlation signal, false otherwise
static bool isAutoCor(sa_size_t visnum);
//! return the feed name ( 1H,2H ... 4H,1V ... 4V )
static std::string getFeedName(sa_size_t fnum);
//! return a vector with visibility number (VisiMatrix rows) for all auto-correlations (8 auto-corr)
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