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......@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@ void usage(void)
cout<<"predictsatsgp4 [options] filetle1.txt [filetle2.txt ...] : find satellites closed to a az-alt pointing"<<endl
<<" -T \"yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss\" : UTC date and time of observation (def=now)"<<endl
<<" -O latitude(dd.ddd,N+),longitude(dd.ddd,E+),height(km) : observer location (def=paon4)"<<endl
<<" -H azimuth(dd.ddd,N=0,E->W),altitude(dd.ddd,N+) : (def=180d,83.40d)"<<endl
<<" -H azimuth(dd.ddd,N=0,E->W),altitude(dd.ddd,Z+) : (def=180d,83.40d)"<<endl
<<" telescope horizontal coordinates pointing"<<endl
<<" -D satname : print debug for this satellite (even if not in the search area)"<<endl
<<" -A scanlos(dd.ddd) : search area around los (def=10d)"<<endl
<<" find satellites closer than \"scanlos\" degrees of los"<<endl
<<" -s spanhour(int),spanmin(min),spaninc(min) :"<<endl
<<" for selected satellites (-S) finely scan at +/-(hh:mm) with step \"spaninc\" (def=1h,30mn,1mn)"<<endl
<<" -D satname : print debug for this satellite (even if not in the search area)"<<endl
<<" for selected satellites (-A,-D) accuratly scan at +/-(hh:mm) with step \"spaninc\" (def=1h,30mn,1mn)"<<endl
<<" -v dang4vel : angular increment (deg) to compute the angular velocity of the satellite (def=1.)"<<endl
<<" -p lp : print debug"<<endl
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ int main(int narg, char *arg[])
string datestr;
DateTime dateobs = DateTime::Now();
//Pointage az,alt telescope (los)
// azimuth N=0, E->W , altitude N+
// azimuth N=0, E->W , altitude Z+
double pointaz=180., pointalt=83.40; //degres (CygA a Paon4 au transit sud du 5/10/2017 ~18:52:45)
//Scan area around los (deg)
double scanlos=10.0; //degres (CygA a Paon4 au transit sud du 5/10/2017 ~18:52:45)
......@@ -216,9 +216,11 @@ int main(int narg, char *arg[])
vangaz /= dt4vel.TotalMinutes(); vangalt /= dt4vel.TotalMinutes(); //en deg/min
//...Search the closest approch to los in the specified time range
// (initialize at observing date)
CoordTopocentric topomin = topo;
DateTime datemin = datestart, datecur = datestart;
DateTime datemin = dateobs;
double sepmin = sep;
DateTime datecur = datestart;
while(datecur <= dateend+tspaninc) {
Eci ecisep = sgp4.FindPosition(datecur);
CoordTopocentric toposep = obspaon4.GetLookAngle(ecisep);
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