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Laguerre Spherical Harmonic Transform
Version 1.1
Version 1.x
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# List of files
* laguerreBuilder.h (.cc) : class of generalized Laguerre function * laguerreTransform.h (.cc) : class to manage the Laguerre function Transform (Synthesis & Analysis): Single or Multiple
* lagSphericTransform.h (.cc) : class to manage the Spherical Harmonic & Laguerre function Trnasform (Synthesis & Analysis). Choice of different geometry for the Sphere pixelizations.
* lagsht_execptions.h: class derived from std::exceptions.
* walltimer.h (.cc): utilities to profile the program.
* lagsht_utils.h: code by David Robert Nadeau to get the avalable memory
* lagsht_testsuite.c : a simple program to test different piece of the code
* Makefile that should be tuned to the local platform
* doxydoc : input file to doxygen tool to generate the class documentation
* doxydoc / footer.html : input file to doxygen tool to generate the class documentation
# Required Librairy
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