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* laguerre2bessel.h (.cc) : implement the computation of Fourier-Bessel transform from Fourier-Laguerre coeff.
* lagsht_bessel.h (.cc) : simple Bessel class (use Boost)
* quadinteg.h : Quadrature integration and strategy
* **root** directiry
* **root** directory
* Makefile that should be tuned to the local platform (*.inc files)
* **doc** directiry
* **doc** directory
* doxydoc : input file to `doxygen` tool to generate the class documentation
* **bin**/**lib** directories are the location of executable and library while **include** is the location of LagSHT/*.h files.
* **trest** director
* : this is a series of test functions (as in but related to some 3D analysis with Cl-like spectra : Cl(k) with k a shell index a la CMB, and Cl(n) which are computed from the Fourier-Laguerre flmn coefficients.
* test3D-xy.txt are the outputs of the tests on my machine (Mac OSX).
# Required Librairy
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