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Laguerre Spherical Harmonic Transform
Version 1.x
Version 1.x (last update of this file 7/10/15)
Main Author: J.E Campagne - Lab. Accelerateur Lineaire - CNRS/IN2P3 & PARIS-SUD University - France
......@@ -21,6 +21,9 @@ git clone
* lagsht_spheregeom.h (.cc) : set of classes to deeal with the 2D sphere pixelization and libsharp initialization
* lagsht_geom.h : define some typedef used in the code for geometry
* lagsht_testsuite.c : a simple program to test different piece of the code
* laguerre2bessel.h (.cc) : implement the computation of Fourier-Bessel transform from Fourier-Laguerre coeff.
* lagsht_bessel.h (.cc) : simple Bessel class (use Boost)
* quadinteg.h : Quadrature integration and strategy
* **root** directiry
* Makefile that should be tuned to the local platform (*.inc files)
* **doc** directiry
......@@ -40,9 +43,13 @@ Look at the `libsharp-code/libsharp/sharp_cxx.h` file and add if necessary
* OpenBLAS (see note Darwin below):
If the variable `CBLAS` is defined then the code of use the BLAS matrix multiplication highly optimized. See installation in the using
`git clone`
`git clone`
**WARNING**: on Darwin the Makefile use the `Accelerate Framework` features which are a bit more effective than OpenBLAS.
* Boost (version >= 1.58):
This is simply header files which are needed to access to the `"boost/math/special_functions/bessel.hpp"` and related headers of the library.
# Compilation
1. edit Makefile and adapat to local platform :
......@@ -100,6 +107,7 @@ If the variable `CBLAS` is defined then the code of use the
2: to test 1D- Laguerre Transform (Synthesis & Analysis)
3: to test 2D- pixelization schemes from libsharp
4: to test the full 3D Spherical Harmonic Laguerre trabsform (Synthesis & Analysis)
5: to test the Laguerre -> Bessel transform
> <geometry>
Gauss : use the Gauss quadrature by default Ntheta = Lmax and
Nphi = 2Lmax - 1.
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