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This sample code shows with un example how to train a SOM Map using 2S-SOM algorithm and data from a geophysical exemple.
## The example problem:
Using a three-physical-variables two-groups problem to be trained using the 2S-SOM
algorithm. We are only interested here, for instance, in the group coefficients
ALPHA, and we let the variables or columns coefficients, BETA, constant and
......@@ -16,3 +16,24 @@ variable dimensions of (12, 12, 12) and N the number of patterns.
We take the first 12 columns, for the first 2S-SOM group and the rest, 24 columns,
for the second group.
## Software needed :
For 2S-SOM get the software at git page:
You should use `learn_2s_som.m` funtion found in `Code-2S-SOM/` and functions in `Code-2S-SOM/2s_som/` subdirectories.
Also, some functions having the same name as original SOM Toolbox functions as
`som_batchtrain.m`, `som_make.m` and `som_randinit.m`, found it in
`Code-2S-SOM/som_for_2s_som/` subdir.
You need the SOM Toolbox. See ilarinieminen git page at
you will need the functions in `som/` subdirectory.
See ADDPATH examples in SCRIPT_RUNNING_2S_SOM script code for knowing the order of how to declare it.
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