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# Sample code for preparing to use 2S-SOM algorithm.
This sample code shows with un example how to train a SOM Map using 2S-SOM algorithm and data from a geophysical exemple.
## The example problem:
Using a three-physical-variables two-groups problem to be trained using the 2S-SOM
algorithm. We are only interested here, for instance, in the group coefficients
ALPHA, and we let the variables or columns coefficients, BETA, constant and
equal. This will be driven by a particular use of Lambda and Eta input
parameters. See code.
Data array dimension is 36 x N. 36 is the composition of thee geophysical
variable dimensions of (12, 12, 12) and N the number of patterns.
We take the first 12 columns, for the first 2S-SOM group and the rest, 24 columns,
for the second group.
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