Commit 4e0aa3bc authored by claplace's avatar claplace
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Change the ColorMapEntry structure

parent a3b2ac61
......@@ -71,8 +71,8 @@ def write_xmlfile(file_dest,list_colour,list_amplitude,name_file,dict_att):
Rule = SubElement(FeatureTypeStyle,'Rule')
RasterSymbolizer = SubElement(Rule,'RasterSymbolizer')
for col,amp in zip(list_colour,list_amplitude):
dict_colamp = {'colour':col,'amp':amp}
ColorMapEntry = SubElement(RasterSymbolizer,'ColorMapEntry',attib=dict_colamp)
dict_colamp = {'color':col,'quantity':str(amp)}
ColorMapEntry = SubElement(RasterSymbolizer,'ColorMapEntry',attrib=dict_colamp)
tree = ET.ElementTree(root)
#return root
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