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Add front presence probability mask data

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"""Create mask where presence of front is probable."""
import lib
import lib.zones
def main(args):
args['period'] = 'total'
ds =
mask = ds.p_frt > args['threshold'] = 'mask'
land = lib.zones.get_land(args,
mask *= ~land['land_large']
mask = mask.where(~land['land'])
ofile =
lib.check_output_dir(ofile, file=True)
mask.to_dataset().to_netcdf(ofile, encoding={'mask': {'zlib': True}})
return mask
if __name__ == '__main__':
def add_args(parser):
parser.add_argument('-threshold', type=float,
args = lib.get_args(, add_args)
ds = main(args)
"""High frontal presence probability mask.
ie pixels where probability of front presence (all data considered) is above a
from os import path
import lib
ARGS_DIR = {'region'}
pregex = 'mask_thr_%(threshold:fmt=.1e).nc'
grid = '4km_EPSG4326'
default_threshold = 1e-2
def get_root(args=None, **kwargs):
args =, args, **kwargs)
root = path.join(lib.root_data, args['region'], 'p_frt_mask')
return root
__name__, pregex, get_root, ARGS_DIR
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