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Add HF average over grid and data

add download ERA5 script
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"""Compute heat fluxes timeseries over grid boxes."""
import lib
def main():
args = lib.get_args(['region', 'grid_file', 'days', 'fixes', 'year'])
grid_file =
boxes =
args['fixes']['Y'] = args['year']
ds =
for box in lib.progressbar(boxes):
args['fixes']['idx'] = box.idx
ofile =['fixes'])
lib.check_output_dir(ofile, file=True)
dst = box.extract(ds)
dst = dst.hf.mean(['lat', 'lon'])
if __name__ == '__main__':
"""Download land mask for ERA5 GLOBAL_025 grid.
First to download the land/sea fraction the code below can be used in the
Copernicus Climate Data Store toolbox at
Place the file in
Then /Compute/ can be run.
import cdstoolbox as ct
@ct.application(title='Download data')
def download_application():
data = ct.catalogue.retrieve(
'product_type': 'reanalysis',
'variable': 'land_sea_mask',
'year': '2000',
'month': '01',
'day': '01',
'time': '00:00',
'area': [
60, -85, 0, 0, # Same as /Download/
return data
"""Time series of heat fluxes in grided boxes."""
from os import path
import lib
ARGS_DIR = {'region', 'days'}
pregex = '%(idx:fmt=04d)/HF_TS_%(Y).nc'
def get_root(args=None, **kwargs):
args =, args, **kwargs)
root = path.join(lib.root_data, args['region'], 'HF_TS',
return root
def add_idx_dim(ds, filename, finder):
idx = finder.get_matches(filename)['idx'].match_str
ds = ds.expand_dims({'idx': [idx]})
return ds, pregex, get_root, ARGS_DIR,
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