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#check CLASS versions:
writeSpectraPk planck_nl.cml 2000 tt.fits
#check camep imp of CLASS
writeSpectraPk +
testKlass testKlass
test_jla : JLA likelihood evaluation: 703.525 test_jla : JLA likelihood evaluation: 703.525
writeChi2 planck_nl.cml :
writeChi2 hlpTT_PS_thetas.par : chi2=11013.6
writeChi2 hlpTT_PS_H0.par: chi2=11013.6
writeChi2 hlpTT_PS_H0.par: chi2=11013.6
Minimize5 hlpTT_PS_H0.par 1-10 batch/cc/Minimize5 hlpTT_PS_H0.par 1-10
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