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    "APP_TITLE": {
        "VMW_HARBOR": "Harbor",
        "HARBOR": "Harbor",
        "VIC": "vSphere Integrated Containers",
        "MGMT": "Management",
        "REG": "Registry",
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        "HARBOR_SWAGGER": "Harbor Swagger",
        "THEME_DARK_TEXT": "DARK",
11 12 13 14 15
    "SIGN_IN": {
        "REMEMBER": "Remember me",
        "INVALID_MSG": "Invalid user name or password.",
        "FORGOT_PWD": "Forgot password",
16 17
        "HEADER_LINK": "Sign In",
        "CORE_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE": "Core service is not available."
18 19 20 21 22
    "SIGN_UP": {
        "TITLE": "Sign Up"
    "BUTTON": {
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        "STOP": "STOP",
24 25 26 27
        "CANCEL": "CANCEL",
        "OK": "OK",
        "DELETE": "DELETE",
        "LOG_IN": "LOG IN",
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        "LOG_IN_OIDC": "Login via OIDC provider",
29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
        "SIGN_UP_LINK": "Sign up for an account",
        "SIGN_UP": "SIGN UP",
        "CONFIRM": "CONFIRM",
        "SEND": "SEND",
        "SAVE": "SAVE",
        "CLOSE": "CLOSE",
38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
        "MORE_INFO": "More info...",
        "YES": "YES",
        "NO": "NO",
        "COPY": "COPY",
        "EDIT": "EDIT",
        "SWITCH": "SWITCH",
        "ACTIONS": "Actions",
        "BROWSE": "Browse",
        "UPLOAD": "Upload",
49 50
        "NO_FILE": "No file selected",
        "ADD": "ADD",
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51 52 53 54
        "RUN": "RUN",
        "ENABLE": "ENABLE",
        "DISABLE": "DISABLE"
55 56 57
    "BATCH": {
        "DELETED_SUCCESS": "Deleted successfully",
        "DELETED_FAILURE": "Deleted failed or partly failed",
59 60 61
        "SWITCH_SUCCESS": "Switch successfully",
        "SWITCH_FAILURE": "Switch failed",
        "REPLICATE_SUCCESS": "Started successfully",
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62 63
        "REPLICATE_FAILURE": "Started failed",
        "STOP_SUCCESS": "Stop successfully",
64 65
        "STOP_FAILURE": "Stop execution failed",
        "TIME_OUT": "Gateway time-out"
66 67
    "TOOLTIP": {
68 69
        "NAME_FILTER": "Filter the name of the resource. Leave empty or use '**' to match all. 'library/**' only matches resources under 'library'. For more patterns, please refer to the user guide.",
        "TAG_FILTER": "Filter the tag/version part of the resources. Leave empty or use '**' to match all. '1.0*' only matches the tags that starts with '1.0'. For more patterns, please refer to the user guide.",
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        "LABEL_FILTER": "Filter the resources according to labels.",
71 72 73 74
        "RESOURCE_FILTER": "Filter the type of resources.",
        "PUSH_BASED": "Push the resources from the local Harbor to the remote registry.",
        "PULL_BASED": "Pull the resources from the remote registry to the local Harbor.",
        "DESTINATION_NAMESPACE": "Specify the destination namespace. If empty, the resources will be put under the same namespace as the source.",
        "OVERRIDE": "Specify whether to override the resources at the destination if a resource with the same name exists.",
        "EMAIL": "Email should be a valid email address like name@example.com.",
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        "USER_NAME": "Cannot contain special characters and maximum length should be 255 characters.",
        "FULL_NAME": "Maximum length should be 20 characters.",
        "COMMENT": "Length of comment should be less than 30 characters.",
80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87
        "CURRENT_PWD": "Current password is required.",
        "PASSWORD": "Password should be 8-20 characters long with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number.",
        "CONFIRM_PWD": "Passwords do not match.",
        "SIGN_IN_USERNAME": "Username is required.",
        "SIGN_IN_PWD": "Password is required.",
        "SIGN_UP_MAIL": "Email is only used for resetting your password.",
        "SIGN_UP_REAL_NAME": "First and last name",
        "ITEM_REQUIRED": "Field is required.",
        "SCOPE_REQUIRED": "Field is required and should be in scope format.",
89 90
        "NUMBER_REQUIRED": "Field is required and should be numbers.",
        "PORT_REQUIRED": "Field is required and should be valid port number.",
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        "CRON_REQUIRED": "Field is required and should be in cron format.",
92 93 94
        "EMAIL_EXISTING": "Email address already exists.",
        "USER_EXISTING": "Username is already in use.",
        "RULE_USER_EXISTING": "Name is already in use.",
95 96
        "EMPTY": "Name is required",
        "NONEMPTY": "Can't be empty",
        "REPO_TOOLTIP": "Users can not do any operations to the images in this mode.",
98 99
        "ENDPOINT_FORMAT": "Endpoint must start with HTTP:// or HTTPS://.",
        "OIDC_ENDPOIT_FORMAT": "Endpoint must start with HTTPS://.",
100 101 102
        "OIDC_NAME": "The name of the OIDC provider.",
        "OIDC_ENDPOINT": "The URL of an OIDC-complaint server.",
        "OIDC_SCOPE": "The scope sent to OIDC server during authentication.  It has to contain “openid”, and “offline_access”.  If you are using google, please remove “offline_access” from this field.",
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103 104
        "OIDC_VERIFYCERT": "Uncheck this box if your OIDC server is hosted via self-signed certificate.",
        "OIDC_GROUP_CLAIM": "The name of Claim in the ID token whose value is the list of group names.",
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        "OIDC_GROUP_CLAIM_WARNING": "It can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and the input length is no more than 256 characters.",
106 107
        "OIDC_AUTOONBOARD": "Skip the onboarding screen, so user cannot change its username. Username is provided from ID Token",
        "OIDC_USER_CLAIM": "The name of the claim in the ID Token where the username is retrieved from. If not specified, it will default to 'name'",
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        "NEW_SECRET": "The secret must longer than 8 chars with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number"
109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130
        "CURRENT_PWD": "Enter current password",
        "NEW_PWD": "Enter new password",
        "CONFIRM_PWD": "Confirm new password",
        "USER_NAME": "Enter username",
        "MAIL": "Enter email address",
        "FULL_NAME": "Enter full name",
        "SIGN_IN_NAME": "Username",
        "SIGN_IN_PWD": "Password"
    "PROFILE": {
        "TITLE": "User Profile",
        "USER_NAME": "Username",
        "EMAIL": "Email",
        "FULL_NAME": "First and last name",
        "COMMENT": "Comments",
        "PASSWORD": "Password",
        "SAVE_SUCCESS": "User profile saved successfully.",
        "ADMIN_RENAME_BUTTON": "Change username",
        "ADMIN_RENAME_TIP": "Select the button in order to change the username to \"admin@harbor.local\". This operation can not be undone.",
        "RENAME_SUCCESS": "Rename success!",
131 132 133 134
        "RENAME_CONFIRM_INFO": "Warning, changing the name to admin@harbor.local can not be undone.",
        "CLI_PASSWORD": "CLI secret",
        "CLI_PASSWORD_TIP": "You can use this cli secret as password when using docker/helm cli to access Harbor.",
        "COPY_SUCCESS": "copy success",
135 136
        "COPY_ERROR": "copy failed",
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137 138 139 140 141
        "ADMIN_CIL_SECRET_RESET_BUTTON": "Upload Your Own Secret",
        "NEW_SECRET": "Secret",
        "CONFIRM_SECRET": "Re-enter Secret",
        "GENERATE_SUCCESS": "Cli secret setting is successful",
        "GENERATE_ERROR": "Cli secret setting is failed",
142 143
        "CONFIRM_TITLE_CLI_GENERATE": "Are you sure you can regenerate secret?",
        "CONFIRM_BODY_CLI_GENERATE": "If you regenerate cli secret, the old cli secret will be discarded"
144 145 146 147 148 149 150
    "CHANGE_PWD": {
        "TITLE": "Change Password",
        "CURRENT_PWD": "Current Password",
        "NEW_PWD": "New Password",
        "CONFIRM_PWD": "Confirm Password",
        "SAVE_SUCCESS": "User password changed successfully.",
        "PASS_TIPS": "8-128 characters long with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number"
152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171
        "PROFILE": "User Profile",
        "CHANGE_PWD": "Change Password",
        "ABOUT": "About",
        "LOGOUT": "Log Out"
        "PLACEHOLDER": "Search {{param}}...",
        "PLACEHOLDER_VIC": "Search Registry..."
    "SIDE_NAV": {
        "DASHBOARD": "Dashboard",
        "PROJECTS": "Projects",
        "SYSTEM_MGMT": {
            "NAME": "Administration",
            "USER": "Users",
            "GROUP": "Groups",
            "REGISTRY": "Registries",
            "REPLICATION": "Replications",
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172 173
            "CONFIG": "Configuration",
            "VULNERABILITY": "Vulnerability",
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174 175
            "GARBAGE_COLLECTION": "Garbage Collection",
            "INTERROGATION_SERVICES": "Interrogation Services"
        "LOGS": "Logs",
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        "TASKS": "Tasks",
179 180
        "API_EXPLORER": "Api Explorer",
        "HARBOR_API_MANAGEMENT": "Harbor API V2.0",
181 182 183 184 185
        "HELM_API_MANAGEMENT": "Harbor API",
        "DISTRIBUTIONS": {
            "NAME": "Distributions",
            "INSTANCES": "Instances"
186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214
    "USER": {
        "ADD_ACTION": "New User",
        "DEL_ACTION": "Delete",
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter users",
        "COLUMN_NAME": "Name",
        "COLUMN_ADMIN": "Administrator",
        "COLUMN_EMAIL": "Email",
        "COLUMN_REG_NAME": "Registration time",
        "IS_ADMIN": "Yes",
        "IS_NOT_ADMIN": "No",
        "ADD_USER_TITLE": "New User",
        "SAVE_SUCCESS": "New user created successfully.",
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm user deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete user {{param}}?",
        "DELETE_SUCCESS": "Users deleted successfully.",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "OF": "of",
        "RESET_Ok": "Users password reset successfully",
        "EXISTING_PASSWORD": "The new password can not be same with the old one"
    "PROJECT": {
        "PROJECTS": "Projects",
        "NAME": "Project Name",
        "ROLE": "Role",
        "PUBLIC_OR_PRIVATE": "Access Level",
        "REPO_COUNT": "Repositories Count",
        "CHART_COUNT": "Chart Count",
216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227
        "CREATION_TIME": "Creation Time",
        "ACCESS_LEVEL": "Access Level",
        "PUBLIC": "Public",
        "PRIVATE": "Private",
        "MAKE": "Make",
        "NEW_POLICY": "New Replication Rule",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "ALL_PROJECTS": "All Projects",
        "PRIVATE_PROJECTS": "Private Projects",
        "PUBLIC_PROJECTS": "Public Projects",
        "PROJECT": "Project",
        "NEW_PROJECT": "New Project",
        "NAME_TOOLTIP": "Project name should be 1~255 characters long with lower case characters, numbers and ._- and must be start with characters or numbers.",
229 230 231 232 233
        "NAME_IS_REQUIRED": "Project name is required.",
        "NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS": "Project name already exists.",
        "NAME_IS_ILLEGAL": "Project name is invalid.",
        "UNKNOWN_ERROR": "An unknown error occurred while creating the project.",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm remove project",
235 236 237 238 239 240
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete project {{param}}?",
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Projects",
        "REPLICATION_RULE": "Replication Rule",
        "CREATED_SUCCESS": "Created project successfully.",
        "DELETED_SUCCESS": "Deleted projects successfully.",
        "TOGGLED_SUCCESS": "Toggled project successfully.",
        "FAILED_TO_DELETE_PROJECT": "Project contains repositories or replication rules or helm-charts cannot be deleted.",
        "INLINE_HELP_PUBLIC": "When a project is set to public, anyone has read permission to the repositories under this project, and the user does not need to run \"docker login\" before pulling images under this project.",
243 244
        "OF": "of",
        "COUNT_QUOTA": "Count quota",
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        "STORAGE_QUOTA": "Storage Quota",
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246 247
        "COUNT_QUOTA_TIP": "Please enter an integer between '1' & '100,000,000', '-1' for unlimited.",
        "STORAGE_QUOTA_TIP": "The upper limit of Storage Quota only takes integer values, capped at '1024TB'. Enter '-1' for unlimited quota",
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248 249 250
        "QUOTA_UNLIMIT_TIP": "For unlimited quota enter '-1'.",
        "TYPE": "Type",
        "PROXY_CACHE": "Proxy Cache",
        "PROXY_CACHE_TOOLTIP": "Enable this to allow this project to act as a pull-through cache for a particular target registry instance. Harbor can only act a proxy for DockerHub and Harbor registries.",
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252 253
        "ENDPOINT": "Endpoint",
        "PROXY_CACHE_ENDPOINT": "Proxy Cache Endpoint"
254 255
        "SUMMARY": "Summary",
257 258 259 260 261 262 263
        "REPOSITORIES": "Repositories",
        "REPLICATION": "Replication",
        "USERS": "Members",
        "LOGS": "Logs",
        "LABELS": "Labels",
        "PROJECTS": "Projects",
        "CONFIG": "Configuration",
        "HELMCHART": "Helm Charts",
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方彬 committed
        "ROBOT_ACCOUNTS": "Robot Accounts",
        "WEBHOOKS": "Webhooks",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "IMMUTABLE_TAG": "Tag Immutability",
        "POLICY": "Policy"
269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291
        "REGISTRY": "Project registry",
        "PUBLIC_TOGGLE": "Public",
        "PUBLIC_POLICY": "Making a project registry public will make all repositories accessible to everyone.",
        "SECURITY": "Deployment security",
        "CONTENT_TRUST_TOGGLE": "Enable content trust",
        "CONTENT_TRUST_POLCIY": "Allow only verified images to be deployed.",
        "PREVENT_VULNERABLE_TOGGLE": "Prevent vulnerable images from running.",
        "PREVENT_VULNERABLE_1": "Prevent images with vulnerability severity of",
        "PREVENT_VULNERABLE_2": "and above from being deployed.",
        "SCAN": "Vulnerability scanning",
        "AUTOSCAN_TOGGLE": "Automatically scan images on push",
        "AUTOSCAN_POLICY": "Automatically scan images when they are pushed to the project registry."
    "MEMBER": {
        "NEW_USER": "Add User Member",
        "NEW_MEMBER": "New Member",
        "MEMBER": "Member",
        "NAME": "Name",
        "ROLE": "Role",
        "SYS_ADMIN": "System Admin",
        "PROJECT_ADMIN": "Project Admin",
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        "PROJECT_MAINTAINER": "Maintainer",
293 294
        "DEVELOPER": "Developer",
        "GUEST": "Guest",
        "LIMITED_GUEST": "Limited Guest",
296 297 298 299 300 301 302
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "ACTIONS": "Actions",
        "USER": " User",
        "USERS": "Users",
        "EMAIL": "Email",
        "ADD_USER": "Add User",
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928234269 committed
        "NEW_USER_INFO": "Add a user to be a member of this project with specified role",
304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330
        "NEW_GROUP": "New Group",
        "IMPORT_GROUP": "Add Group Member",
        "NEW_GROUP_INFO": "Add an existing user group or select a user group from LDAP/AD to project member",
        "ADD_GROUP_SELECT": "Add an existing user group to project member",
        "CREATE_GROUP_SELECT": "Add a group from LDAP to project member",
        "LDAP_SEARCH_DN": "LDAP Group DN",
        "LDAP_SEARCH_NAME": "Name",
        "LDAP_GROUP": "Group",
        "LDAP_GROUPS": "Groups",
        "LDAP_PROPERTY": "Property",
        "ACTION": "ACTION",
        "MEMBER_TYPE": "Member Type",
        "GROUP_TYPE": "Group",
        "USER_TYPE": "User",
        "USERNAME_IS_REQUIRED": "Username is required",
        "USERNAME_DOES_NOT_EXISTS": "Username does not exist.",
        "USERNAME_ALREADY_EXISTS": "Username already exists.",
        "UNKNOWN_ERROR": "Unknown error occurred while adding member.",
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Members",
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm project members deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete project members {{param}}?",
        "ADDED_SUCCESS": "Added member successfully.",
        "DELETED_SUCCESS": "Deleted member successfully.",
        "SWITCHED_SUCCESS": "Switched member role successfully.",
        "OF": "of",
        "SWITCH_TITLE": "Confirm project members switch",
        "SWITCH_SUMMARY": "Do you want to switch project members {{param}}?",
        "SET_ROLE": "Set Role",
332 333
        "REMOVE": "Remove"
334 335
        "NAME": "Name",
        "PERMISSIONS": "Permissions",
337 338 339
        "TOKEN": "Token",
        "ENABLED_STATE": "Enabled state",
        "NUMBER_REQUIRED": "Field is required and should be an integer other than 0.",
        "DESCRIPTION": "Description",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "CREATETION": "Created time",
        "EXPIRATION": "Expiration",
        "TOKEN_EXPIRATION": "Robot Token Expiration (Days)",
345 346 347 348 349 350 351
        "ACTION": "Action",
        "EDIT": "Edit",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "OF": "of",
        "DISABLE_ACCOUNT": "Disable Account",
        "ENABLE_ACCOUNT": "Enable Account",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "CREAT_ROBOT_ACCOUNT": "Create Robot Account",
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Yogi_Wang committed
353 354
        "PERMISSIONS_ARTIFACT": "Artifact",
        "PERMISSIONS_HELMCHART": "Helm Chart (Chart Museum)",
355 356
        "PUSH": "Push",
        "PULL": "Pull",
357 358 359 360 361 362 363
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Robot Accounts",
        "ROBOT_NAME": "Cannot contain special characters(~#$%) and maximum length should be 255 characters.",
        "ACCOUNT_EXISTING": "Robot Account is already exists.",
        "ALERT_TEXT": "This is the only time to copy your personal access token.You wont't have another opportunity",
        "CREATED_SUCCESS": "Created '{{param}}' successfully.",
        "COPY_SUCCESS": "Copy token successfully of '{{param}}'",
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm removal of robot accounts",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete robot accounts {{param}}?",
        "PULL_IS_MUST": "Pull permission is checked by default and can not be modified.",
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366 367 368 369 370
        "EXPORT_TO_FILE": "export to file",
        "EXPIRES_AT": "Expires At",
        "EXPIRATION_TOOLTIP": "If not set, the expiration time of system configuration will be used",
        "INVALID_VALUE": "The value of the expiration time is invalid",
        "NEVER_EXPIRED": "Never Expired"
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方彬 committed
372 373
    "WEBHOOK": {
        "EDIT_BUTTON": "EDIT",
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374 375
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方彬 committed
376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383
        "TYPE": "Webhook",
        "STATUS": "Status",
        "CREATED": "Created",
        "ENABLED": "Enabled",
        "DISABLED": "Disabled",
        "OF": "of",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "LAST_TRIGGERED": "Last Triggered",
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AllForNothing committed
384 385
        "EDIT_WEBHOOK": "Edit Webhook",
        "ADD_WEBHOOK": "Add Webhook",
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方彬 committed
386 387 388
        "CREATE_WEBHOOK": "Getting started with webhooks",
        "EDIT_WEBHOOK_DESC": "Specify the endpoint for receiving webhook notifications",
        "CREATE_WEBHOOK_DESC": "To get started with webhooks, provide an endpoint and credentials to access the webhook server.",
        "VERIFY_REMOTE_CERT_TOOLTIP": "Determine whether the webhook should verify the certificate of a remote url Uncheck this box when the remote url uses a self-signed or untrusted certificate.",
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方彬 committed
390 391 392 393 394 395 396
        "ENDPOINT_URL": "Endpoint URL",
        "URL_IS_REQUIRED": "Endpoint URL is required.",
        "AUTH_HEADER": "Auth Header",
        "VERIFY_REMOTE_CERT": "Verify Remote Certificate",
        "SAVE_BUTTON": "SAVE",
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方彬 committed
397 398
        "TEST_ENDPOINT_SUCCESS": "Connection tested successfully.",
        "TEST_ENDPOINT_FAILURE": "Failed to ping endpoint.",
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AllForNothing committed
399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409
        "ENABLED_WEBHOOK_TITLE": "Enable  Webhook",
        "ENABLED_WEBHOOK_SUMMARY": "Do you want to enable webhook {{name}}?",
        "DISABLED_WEBHOOK_TITLE": "Disable Webhook",
        "DISABLED_WEBHOOK_SUMMARY": "Do you want to disable webhook {{name}}?",
        "DELETE_WEBHOOK_TITLE": "Delete Webhook(s)",
        "DELETE_WEBHOOK_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete webhook(s) {{names}}?",
        "WEBHOOKS": "Webhooks",
        "NEW_WEBHOOK": "New Webhook",
        "ENABLE": "Enable",
        "DISABLE": "Disable",
        "NAME": "Name",
        "TARGET": "Endpoint URL",
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411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420
        "EVENT_TYPES": "Event types",
        "DESCRIPTION": "Description",
        "NO_WEBHOOK": "No Webhook",
        "LAST_TRIGGER": "Last Trigger",
        "WEBHOOK_NAME": "Webhook Name",
        "NO_TRIGGER": "No Trigger",
        "NAME_REQUIRED": "Name is required",
        "NOTIFY_TYPE": "Notify Type",
        "EVENT_TYPE": "Event Type",
        "EVENT_TYPE_REQUIRED": "Require at least one event type"
422 423 424 425
    "GROUP": {
        "GROUP": "Group",
        "GROUPS": "Groups",
        "IMPORT_LDAP_GROUP": "Import LDAP Group",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "IMPORT_HTTP_GROUP": "New HTTP Group",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "IMPORT_OIDC_GROUP": "New OIDC Group",
428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439
        "ADD": "New Group",
        "EDIT": "Edit",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "NAME": "Name",
        "TYPE": "Type",
        "DN": "DN",
        "GROUP_DN": "Ldap Group DN",
        "PROPERTY": "Property",
        "REG_TIME": "Registration Time",
        "ADD_GROUP_SUCCESS": "Add group success",
        "EDIT_GROUP_SUCCESS": "Edit group success",
        "LDAP_TYPE": "LDAP",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "HTTP_TYPE": "HTTP",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "OIDC_TYPE": "OIDC",
        "OF": "of",
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Yogi_Wang committed
443 444 445 446 447 448
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "NEW_MEMBER": "New Group Member",
        "NEW_USER_INFO": "Add a group to be a member of this project with specified role",
        "ROLE": "Role",
        "SYS_ADMIN": "System Admin",
        "PROJECT_ADMIN": "Project Admin",
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AllForNothing committed
        "PROJECT_MAINTAINER": "Maintainer",
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Yogi_Wang committed
        "DEVELOPER": "Developer",
        "GUEST": "Guest",
452 453 454
        "LIMITED_GUEST": "Limited Guest",
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm group members deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete group member(s) {{param}}?"
455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473
    "AUDIT_LOG": {
        "USERNAME": "Username",
        "REPOSITORY_NAME": "Repository Name",
        "TAGS": "Tags",
        "OPERATION": "Operation",
        "OPERATIONS": "Operations",
        "TIMESTAMP": "Timestamp",
        "ALL_OPERATIONS": "All Operations",
        "PULL": "Pull",
        "PUSH": "Push",
        "CREATE": "Create",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "OTHERS": "Others",
        "ADVANCED": "Advanced",
        "SIMPLE": "Simple",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Logs",
        "INVALID_DATE": "Invalid date.",
        "OF": "of",
475 476 477
        "NOT_FOUND": "We couldn't find any logs!",
        "RESOURCE": "Resource",
        "RESOURCE_TYPE": "Resource Type"
478 479
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480 481 482 483 484 485 486
        "YES": "Yes",
        "SECONDS": "Seconds",
        "MINUTES": "Minutes",
        "HOURS": "Hours",
        "MONTH": "Month",
        "DAY_MONTH": "Day of month",
        "DAY_WEEK": "Day of week",
        "CRON_TITLE": "Pattern description for cron '* * * * * *'.The cron string is based on UTC time",
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FangyuanCheng committed
488 489 490 491
        "FIELD_NAME": "Field name",
        "MANDATORY": "Mandatory?",
        "ALLOWED_VALUES": "Allowed values",
        "ALLOWED_CHARACTERS": "Allowed special characters",
492 493
        "TOTAL": "Total",
        "OVERRIDE": "Override",
        "ENABLED_RULE": "Enable rule",
        "OVERRIDE_INFO": "Override",
        "OPERATION": "Operation",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
497 498
        "CURRENT": "current",
        "FILTER_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Tasks",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "STOP_TITLE": "Confirm Stop Executions",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "BOTH": "both",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "STOP_SUCCESS": "Stop Execution {{param}} Successful",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "STOP_SUMMARY": "Do you want to stop the executions {{param}}?",
        "TASK_ID": "Task ID",
504 505
        "RESOURCE_TYPE": "Resource Type",
        "SOURCE": "Source",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
506 507 508 509
        "DESTINATION": "Destination",
        "POLICY": "Policy",
        "DURATION": "Duration",
        "SUCCESS_RATE": "Success Rate",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "SUCCESS": "SUCCESS",
        "FAILURE": "FAILURE",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
513 514 515 516
        "REPLICATION_RULE": "Replication Rule",
        "NEW_REPLICATION_RULE": "New Replication Rule",
        "ENDPOINTS": "Endpoints",
        "FILTER_POLICIES_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Rules",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "FILTER_EXECUTIONS_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Executions",
518 519 520 521
        "DELETION_TITLE": "Confirm Replication Rule Deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to delete replication rule {{param}}?",
        "REPLICATION_TITLE": "Confirm Rule Replication",
        "REPLICATION_SUMMARY": "Do you want to replicate the rule {{param}}?",
522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535
        "DELETION_TITLE_FAILURE": "failed to delete Rule Deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_FAILURE": "have pending/running/retrying status",
        "REPLICATE_SUMMARY_FAILURE": "have pending/running status",
        "FILTER_TARGETS_PLACEHOLDER": "Filter Endpoints",
        "DELETION_TITLE_TARGET": "Confirm Endpoint Deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_TARGET": "Do you want to delete the endpoint {{param}}?",
        "ADD_POLICY": "New Replication Rule",
        "EDIT_POLICY": "Edit",
        "EDIT_POLICY_TITLE": "Edit Replication Rule",
        "DELETE_POLICY": "Delete",
        "TEST_CONNECTION": "Test Connection",
        "TESTING_CONNECTION": "Testing Connection...",
        "TEST_CONNECTION_SUCCESS": "Connection tested successfully.",
        "TEST_CONNECTION_FAILURE": "Failed to ping endpoint.",
        "ID": "ID",
537 538 539 540 541
        "NAME": "Name",
        "NAME_IS_REQUIRED": "Name is required.",
        "DESCRIPTION": "Description",
        "ENABLE": "Enable",
        "DISABLE": "Disable",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "REPLICATION_MODE": "Replication Mode",
        "SRC_REGISTRY": "Source registry",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "DESTINATION_NAMESPACE": "Destination registry:Namespace",
545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555
        "DESTINATION_NAME_IS_REQUIRED": "Endpoint name is required.",
        "NEW_DESTINATION": "New Endpoint",
        "DESTINATION_URL": "Endpoint URL",
        "DESTINATION_URL_IS_REQUIRED": "Endpoint URL is required.",
        "DESTINATION_USERNAME": "Username",
        "DESTINATION_PASSWORD": "Password",
        "ALL_STATUS": "All Status",
        "ENABLED": "Enabled",
        "DISABLED": "Disabled",
        "LAST_START_TIME": "Last Start Time",
        "ACTIVATION": "Activation",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
556 557 558
        "REPLICATION_EXECUTION": "Execution",
        "REPLICATION_EXECUTIONS": "Executions",
        "STOPJOB": "Stop",
559 560 561 562 563
        "ALL": "All",
        "PENDING": "Pending",
        "RUNNING": "Running",
        "ERROR": "Error",
        "RETRYING": "Retrying",
        "STOPPED": "STOPPED",
565 566 567 568 569
        "FINISHED": "Finished",
        "CANCELED": "Canceled",
        "SIMPLE": "Simple",
        "ADVANCED": "Advanced",
        "STATUS": "Status",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "REPLICATION_TRIGGER": "Trigger",
571 572
        "CREATION_TIME": "Start Time",
        "UPDATE_TIME": "Update Time",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "END_TIME": "End Time",
574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590
        "LOGS": "Logs",
        "OF": "of",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "NO_LOGS": "No log",
        "TOGGLE_ENABLE_TITLE": "Enable Rule",
        "TOGGLE_DISABLE_TITLE": "Disable Rule",
        "CREATED_SUCCESS": "Created replication rule successfully.",
        "UPDATED_SUCCESS": "Updated replication rule successfully.",
        "DELETED_SUCCESS": "Deleted replications rule successfully.",
        "DELETED_FAILED": "Deleted replications rule failed.",
        "TOGGLED_SUCCESS": "Toggled replication rule status successfully.",
        "CANNOT_EDIT": "Replication rule cannot be changed while it is enabled.",
        "INVALID_DATE": "Invalid date.",
        "PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any replication rules!",
        "JOB_PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any replication jobs!",
        "NO_ENDPOINT_INFO": "Please add an endpoint first",
        "NO_PROJECT_INFO": "This project is not exist",
Meina Zhou's avatar
Meina Zhou committed
        "SOURCE_RESOURCE_FILTER": "Source resource filter",
        "SCHEDULED": "Scheduled",
        "MANUAL": "Manual",
        "EVENT_BASED": "Event Based",
595 596
        "DAILY": "Daily",
        "WEEKLY": "Weekly",
597 598 599
        "SETTING": "Options",
        "TRIGGER": "Triggering Condition",
        "TARGETS": "Target",
600 601 602 603
        "MODE": "Mode",
        "TRIGGER_MODE": "Trigger Mode",
        "SOURCE_PROJECT": "Source project",
        "REPLICATE": "Replicate",
        "DELETE_REMOTE_IMAGES": "Delete remote resources when locally deleted",
Meina Zhou's avatar
Meina Zhou committed
        "DELETE_ENABLED": "Enabled this policy",
606 607
        "NEW": "New",
        "NAME_TOOLTIP": "replication rule name should be at least 2 characters long with lower case characters, numbers and ._- and must be start with characters or numbers.",
        "DESTINATION_NAME_TOOLTIP": "Destination name should be at least 2 characters long with lower case characters, numbers and ._-/ and must be start with characters or numbers.",
        "ACKNOWLEDGE": "Acknowledge",
Meina Zhou's avatar
Meina Zhou committed
610 611
        "RULE_DISABLED": "This rule has been disabled because a label used in its filter has been deleted. \n Edit the rule and update its filter to enable it.",
        "REPLI_MODE": "Replication mode",
612 613 614 615
        "SOURCE_REGISTRY": "Source registry",
        "SOURCE_NAMESPACES": "Source namespaces",
        "DEST_REGISTRY": "Destination registry",
        "DEST_NAMESPACE": "Destination namespace",
        "NAMESPACE_TOOLTIP": "Namespace name should be at least 2 characters long with lower case characters, numbers and ._- and must be start with characters or numbers.",
617 618 619
        "TAG": "Tag",
        "LABEL": "Label",
        "RESOURCE": "Resource"
620 621 622
        "NEW_ENDPOINT": "New Endpoint",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "PROVIDER": "Provider",
        "ENDPOINT": "Endpoint",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "NAME": "Name",
626 627 628
        "NAME_IS_REQUIRED": "Endpoint name is required.",
        "URL": "Endpoint URL",
        "URL_IS_REQUIRED": "Endpoint URL is required.",
        "AUTHENTICATION": "Authentication",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
630 631 632
        "ACCESS_ID": "Access ID",
        "ACCESS_SECRET": "Access Secret",
        "STATUS": "Status",
633 634
        "TEST_CONNECTION": "Test Connection",
        "TITLE_EDIT": "Edit Endpoint",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "TITLE_ADD": "New Registry Endpoint",
636 637 638 639 640
        "EDIT": "Edit",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "TESTING_CONNECTION": "Testing Connection...",
        "TEST_CONNECTION_SUCCESS": "Connection tested successfully.",
        "TEST_CONNECTION_FAILURE": "Failed to ping endpoint.",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "CONFLICT_NAME": "Endpoint name already exists.",
642 643 644 645 646 647 648 649 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658
        "INVALID_NAME": "Invalid endpoint name.",
        "FAILED_TO_GET_TARGET": "Failed to get endpoint.",
        "CREATION_TIME": "Creation Time",
        "OF": "of",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "CREATED_SUCCESS": "Created endpoint successfully.",
        "UPDATED_SUCCESS": "Updated endpoint successfully.",
        "DELETED_SUCCESS": "Deleted endpoints successfully.",
        "DELETED_FAILED": "Deleted endpoints failed.",
        "CANNOT_EDIT": "Endpoint cannot be changed while the replication rule is enabled.",
        "FAILED_TO_DELETE_TARGET_IN_USED": "Failed to delete the endpoint in use.",
        "PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any endpoints!"
        "COPY_DIGEST_ID": "Copy Digest",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "NAME": "Name",
        "TAGS": "Tags",
        "PLATFORM": "OS/ARCH",
Yogi_Wang's avatar
Yogi_Wang committed
        "ARTIFACT_TOOTIP": "Click to view this OCI index's artifact list",
        "ARTIFACTS_COUNT": "Artifacts",
663 664
        "PULL_COUNT": "Pulls",
        "PULL_COMMAND": "Pull Command",
665 666
        "PULL_TIME": "Pull Time",
        "PUSH_TIME": "Push Time",
        "IMMUTABLE": "Immutable",
668 669 670 671 672 673
        "MY_REPOSITORY": "My Repository",
        "PUBLIC_REPOSITORY": "Public Repository",
        "DELETION_TITLE_REPO": "Confirm Repository Deletion",
        "DELETION_TITLE_REPO_SIGNED": "Repository cannot be deleted",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_REPO_SIGNED": "Repository '{{repoName}}' cannot be deleted because the following signed images existing.\n{{signedImages}} \nYou should unsign all the signed images before deleting the repository!",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_REPO": "Do you want to delete repository {{repoName}}?",
674 675
        "DELETION_TITLE_ARTIFACT": "Confirm Artifact Deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_ARTIFACT": "Do you want to delete artifact {{param}}? If you delete this artifact, all tags referenced by the digest will also be deleted.",
        "DELETION_TITLE_TAG": "Confirm Tag Deletion",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG": "Do you want to delete tag {{param}}? ",
        "DELETION_TITLE_TAG_DENIED": "Signed tag cannot be deleted",
        "DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG_DENIED": "The tag must be removed from the Notary before it can be deleted.\nDelete from Notary via this command:\n",
680 681 682
        "TAGS_NO_DELETE": "Delete is prohibited in read only mode.",
        "FILTER_FOR_REPOSITORIES": "Filter Repositories",
        "TAG": "Tag",
683 684
        "ARTIFACT": "Aarifact",
        "ARTIFACTS": "Artifacts",
        "SIZE": "Size",
sshijun's avatar
sshijun committed
        "VULNERABILITY": "Vulnerabilities",
        "BUILD_HISTORY": "Build History",
688 689 690 691 692 693 694 695 696 697 698 699 700 701 702 703 704 705
        "SIGNED": "Signed",
        "AUTHOR": "Author",
        "CREATED": "Creation Time",
        "DOCKER_VERSION": "Docker Version",
        "ARCHITECTURE": "Architecture",
        "OS": "OS",
        "SHOW_DETAILS": "Show Details",
        "REPOSITORIES": "Repositories",
        "OF": "of",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "NO_ITEMS": "NO ITEMS",
        "POP_REPOS": "Popular Repositories",
        "DELETED_REPO_SUCCESS": "Deleted repositories successfully.",
        "DELETED_TAG_SUCCESS": "Deleted tags successfully.",
        "COPY": "Copy",
        "NOTARY_IS_UNDETERMINED": "Cannot determine the signature of this tag.",
        "PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any repositories!",
        "INFO": "Info",
        "NO_INFO": "No description for this repo. You can add it to this repository.",
707 708
        "IMAGE": "Images",
        "LABELS": "Labels",
        "ADD_LABEL_TO_IMAGE": "Add labels to this image",
        "FILTER_BY_LABEL": "Filter images by label",
        "FILTER_ARTIFACT_BY_LABEL": "Filter actifact by label",
        "ADD_LABELS": "Add Labels",
        "RETAG": "Copy",
714 715
        "ACTION": "ACTION",
        "DEPLOY": "DEPLOY",
陈德's avatar
陈德 committed
        "ADDITIONAL_INFO": "Add Additional Info",
        "REPO_NAME": "Repository",
718 719
        "MARKDOWN": "Styling with Markdown is supported",
        "LAST_MODIFIED": "Last Modified Time"
720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 733 734 735
    "HELM_CHART": {
        "HELMCHARTS": "Charts",
        "CHARTVERSIONS": "Versions",
        "UPLOAD_TITLE": "Upload chart files",
        "CHART_FILE": "Chart File",
        "CHART_PROV": "Prov File",
        "DOWNLOAD": "Download",
        "SUMMARY": "Summary",
        "DEPENDENCIES": "Dependencies",
        "VALUES": "Values",
        "OVERVIEW": "Overview",
        "HOME": "Home",
        "SRC_REPO": "Source Repository",
        "CREATED": "Created Time",
        "MAINTAINERS": "Maintainers",
        "OTHER_MAINTAINERS": "{{ name }} and {{ number }} others",
737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760 761 762 763 764 765 766 767 768 769 770 771 772 773 774
        "PULLS": "Pull Count",
        "VERSION": "Version",
        "APP_VERSION": "Application Version",
        "INSTALL": "Install",
        "INSTALL_CHART": "Install Chart",
        "NAME": "Name",
        "REPO": "Repository",
        "FILTER_FOR_CHARTS": "Filter for charts",
        "DELETE": "Delete",
        "OF": "of",
        "VERSIONS": "versions",
        "IMAGES": "Images",
        "ENGINE": "Engine",
        "ACTION": "Action",
        "UPLOAD": "Upload",
        "DELETE_CHART_VERSION_TITLE": "Delete Chart Versions",
        "DELETE_CHART_VERSION": "Do you want to delete version {{param}}?",
        "IMPORT": "Import",
        "EXPORT": "Export",
        "ADD_REPO": "Add Repo",
        "SHOW_KV": "Key Value Pairs",
        "SHOW_YAML": "YAML File",
        "PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any charts!",
        "NO_VERSION_PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any versions!",
        "FILE_UPLOADED": "File upload successfully",
        "SIGN": "Sign",
        "SIGNED": "Signed",
        "UNSIGNED": "Unsigned",
        "ITEMS": "items",
        "NO_README": "No readme file provided by this chart.",
        "SECURITY": "Security",
        "ACTIVE": "Active",
        "DEPRECATED": "Deprecated",
        "VERIFY_CHART": "Verify Chart",
        "COMMAND": "Commands",
        "PROV_FILE": "Prov File",
        "READY": "Ready",
        "NOT_READY": "Not Ready",
        "LABELS": "Labels",
        "ADD_LABEL_TO_CHART_VERSION": "Add labels to this chart version",
777 778
        "STATUS": "Status"
779 780
    "SUMMARY": {
        "QUOTAS": "quotas",
sshijun's avatar
sshijun committed
781 782 783 784
        "PROJECT_REPOSITORY": "Repositories",
        "PROJECT_HELM_CHART": "Helm Chart",
        "PROJECT_MEMBER": "Members",
        "PROJECT_QUOTAS": "Quotas",
785 786 787
        "ARTIFACT_COUNT": "Artifact count",
        "STORAGE_CONSUMPTION": "Storage consumption",
        "ADMIN": "Admin(s)",
AllForNothing's avatar
AllForNothing committed
        "MAINTAINER": "Maintainer(s)",
        "DEVELOPER": "Developer(s)",
790 791
        "GUEST": "Guest(s)",
        "LIMITED_GUEST": "Limited guest(s)"
793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808
    "ALERT": {
        "FORM_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION": "Some changes are not saved yet. Do you want to cancel?"
    "RESET_PWD": {
        "TITLE": "Reset Password",
        "CAPTION": "Enter your email to reset your password",
        "EMAIL": "Email",
        "SUCCESS": "Mail with password resetting link is successfully sent. You can close this dialog and check your mailbox.",
        "CAPTION2": "Enter your new password",
        "RESET_OK": "Password has been successfully reset. Click OK to login with new password."
    "RECENT_LOG": {
        "SUB_TITLE": "Show",
        "SUB_TITLE_SUFIX": "logs"
    "CONFIG": {
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
        "HISTORY": "History",
810 811 812 813 814 815 816
        "TITLE": "Configuration",
        "AUTH": "Authentication",
        "REPLICATION": "Replication",
        "EMAIL": "Email",
        "LABEL": "Labels",
        "REPOSITORY": "Repository",
        "REPO_READ_ONLY": "Repository Read Only",
方彬's avatar
方彬 committed
        "WEBHOOK_NOTIFICATION_ENABLED": "Webhooks enabled",
        "SYSTEM": "System Settings",
        "PROJECT_QUOTAS": "Project Quotas",
        "VULNERABILITY": "Vulnerability",
Meina Zhou's avatar
Meina Zhou committed
        "GC": "Garbage Collection",
822 823 824 825 826 827 828 829 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840 841
        "CONFIRM_TITLE": "Confirm to cancel",
        "CONFIRM_SUMMARY": "Some changes have not been saved. Do you want to discard them?",
        "SAVE_SUCCESS": "Configuration has been successfully saved.",
        "MAIL_SERVER": "Email Server",
        "MAIL_SERVER_PORT": "Email Server Port",
        "MAIL_USERNAME": "Email Username",
        "MAIL_PASSWORD": "Email Password",
        "MAIL_FROM": "Email From",
        "MAIL_SSL": "Email SSL",
        "MAIL_INSECURE": "Verify Certificate",
        "INSECURE_TOOLTIP": "Determine whether to verify the certificate of the Email server. Uncheck this box when the Email server uses a self-signed or untrusted certificate.",
        "SSL_TOOLTIP": "Enable SSL for email server connection",
        "VERIFY_REMOTE_CERT": "Verify Remote Cert",
        "TOKEN_EXPIRATION": "Token Expiration (Minutes)",
        "AUTH_MODE": "Auth Mode",
        "PRO_CREATION_RESTRICTION": "Project Creation",
        "SELF_REGISTRATION": "Allow Self-Registration",
        "AUTH_MODE_DB": "Database",
        "AUTH_MODE_LDAP": "LDAP",
        "AUTH_MODE_UAA": "UAA",
        "AUTH_MODE_HTTP": "http_auth",
        "AUTH_MODE_OIDC": "OIDC",
844 845 846 847 848 849 850
        "SCOPE_BASE": "Base",
        "SCOPE_ONE_LEVEL": "OneLevel",
        "SCOPE_SUBTREE": "Subtree",
        "PRO_CREATION_EVERYONE": "Everyone",
        "PRO_CREATION_ADMIN": "Admin Only",
        "ROOT_CERT": "Registry Root Certificate",
        "ROOT_CERT_LINK": "Download",
        "REGISTRY_CERTIFICATE": "Registry certificate",
        "NO_CHANGE": "Save abort because nothing changed",
853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862
        "TOOLTIP": {
            "SELF_REGISTRATION_ENABLE": "Enable sign up.",
            "SELF_REGISTRATION_DISABLE": "Disable sign up.",
            "VERIFY_REMOTE_CERT": "Determine whether the image replication should verify the certificate of a remote Harbor registry. Uncheck this box when the remote registry uses a self-signed or untrusted certificate.",
            "AUTH_MODE": "By default the authentication mode is database, i.e. the credentials are stored in a local database. Set it to LDAP if you want to verify a user's credential against an LDAP server.",
            "LDAP_SEARCH_DN": "A user's DN who has the permission to search the LDAP/AD server. If your LDAP/AD server does not support anonymous search, you should configure this DN and ldap_search_pwd.",
            "LDAP_BASE_DN": "The base DN from which to look up a user in LDAP/AD.",
            "LDAP_UID": "The attribute used in a search to match a user. It could be uid, cn, email, sAMAccountName or other attributes depending on your LDAP/AD.",
            "LDAP_SCOPE": "The scope to search for users.",
            "TOKEN_EXPIRATION": "The expiration time (in minutes) of a token created by the token service. Default is 30 minutes.",
AllForNothing's avatar
AllForNothing committed
            "ROBOT_TOKEN_EXPIRATION": "The expiration time (in days) of the token of the robot account, Default is 30 days. Show the number of days converted from minutes and rounds down",
864 865 866 867
            "PRO_CREATION_RESTRICTION": "The flag to define what users have permission to create projects. By default, everyone can create a project. Set to 'Admin Only' so that only an administrator can create a project.",
            "ROOT_CERT_DOWNLOAD": "Download the root certificate of registry.",
            "SCANNING_POLICY": "Set image scanning policy based on different requirements. 'None': No active policy; 'Daily At': Triggering scanning at the specified time everyday.",
            "VERIFY_CERT": "Verify Cert from LDAP Server",
FangyuanCheng's avatar
FangyuanCheng committed
            "REPO_TOOLTIP": "Users can not do any operations to the images in this mode.",
方彬's avatar
方彬 committed
            "WEBHOOK_TOOLTIP": "Enable webhooks to receive callbacks at your designated endpoints when certain actions such as image or chart being pushed, pulled, deleted, scanned are performed",
870 871 872
            "HOURLY_CRON": "Run once an hour, beginning of hour. Equivalent to 0 0 * * * *.",
            "WEEKLY_CRON": "Run once a week, midnight between Sat/Sun. Equivalent to 0 0 0 * * 0.",
            "DAILY_CRON": "Run once a day, midnight. Equivalent to 0 0 0 * * *."
873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881
        "LDAP": {
            "URL": "LDAP URL",
            "SEARCH_DN": "LDAP Search DN",
            "SEARCH_PWD": "LDAP Search Password",
            "BASE_DN": "LDAP Base DN",
            "FILTER": "LDAP Filter",
            "UID": "LDAP UID",
            "SCOPE": "LDAP Scope",
            "VERIFY_CERT": "LDAP Verify Certificate",
883 884 885 886 887 888 889
            "LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN": "LDAP Group Base DN",
            "LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN_INFO": "The base DN from which to look up a group in LDAP/AD.",
            "LDAP_GROUP_FILTER": "LDAP Group Filter",
            "LDAP_GROUP_FILTER_INFO": "The filter to look up an LDAP/AD group, use objectclass=groupOfNames by default.",
            "LDAP_GROUP_GID": "LDAP Group GID",
            "LDAP_GROUP_GID_INFO": "The attribute used in a search to match a user, it could be uid, cn or other attributes depending on your LDAP/AD. the group in Harbor is named with this attribute by default.",
            "LDAP_GROUP_ADMIN_DN": "LDAP Group Admin DN",
Jakub Onderka's avatar
Jakub Onderka committed
            "LDAP_GROUP_ADMIN_DN_INFO": "Specify an LDAP group DN. All LDAP user in this group will have harbor admin privilege. Keep it blank if you do not want to.",
Qian Deng's avatar
Qian Deng committed
891 892
            "LDAP_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP": "LDAP Group Membership",
            "LDAP_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_INFO": "The attribute indicates the membership of LDAP group, default value is memberof, in some LDAP server it could be \"ismemberof\"",
893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902
            "GROUP_SCOPE": "LDAP Group Scope",
            "GROUP_SCOPE_INFO": "The scope to search for groups, select Subtree by default."

        "UAA": {
            "ENDPOINT": "UAA Endpoint",
            "CLIENT_ID": "UAA Client ID",
            "CLIENT_SECRET": "UAA Client Secret",
            "VERIFY_CERT": "UAA Verify Cert"
903 904
        "HTTP_AUTH": {
            "ENDPOINT": "Server Endpoint",
            "TOKEN_REVIEW": "Token Review Endpoint",
stonezdj's avatar
stonezdj committed
            "SKIP_SEARCH": "Skip Search",
            "VERIFY_CERT": "Verify Certificate"
        "OIDC": {
            "OIDC_PROVIDER": "OIDC Provider Name",
            "OIDC_REDIREC_URL": "Please make sure the Redirect URI on the OIDC provider is set to",
912 913 914 915
            "ENDPOINT": "OIDC Endpoint",
            "CLIENT_ID": "OIDC Client ID",
            "CLIENTSECRET": "OIDC Client Secret",
            "SCOPE": "OIDC Scope",
            "OIDC_VERIFYCERT": "Verify Certificate",
            "OIDC_AUTOONBOARD": "Automatic onboarding",
Alvaro Iradier's avatar
Alvaro Iradier committed
            "USER_CLAIM": "Username Claim",    
Yogi_Wang's avatar
Yogi_Wang committed
919 920
            "OIDC_SETNAME": "Set OIDC Username",
            "OIDC_SETNAMECONTENT": "You must create a Harbor username the first time when authenticating via a third party(OIDC).This will be used within Harbor to be associated with projects, roles, etc.",
Yogi_Wang's avatar
Yogi_Wang committed
921 922
            "OIDC_USERNAME": "Username",
            "GROUP_CLAIM_NAME": "Group Claim Name"
924 925
        "SCANNING": {
            "TRIGGER_SCAN_ALL_SUCCESS": "Trigger scan all successfully!",
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sshijun committed
            "TRIGGER_SCAN_ALL_FAIL": "Failed to trigger scan all with error: {{error}}",
927 928
            "TITLE": "Vulnerability Scanning",
            "SCAN_ALL": "Scan All",
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sshijun committed
            "SCHEDULE_TO_SCAN_ALL": "Schedule to scan all",
            "SCAN_NOW": "SCAN NOW",
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sshijun committed
            "SCAN": "SCAN",
932 933 934 935 936
            "NONE_POLICY": "None",
            "DAILY_POLICY": "Daily At",
            "REFRESH_POLICY": "Upon Refresh",
            "DB_REFRESH_TIME": "Database updated on",
            "DB_NOT_READY": "Vulnerability database might not be fully ready!",
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sshijun committed
937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947
            "NEXT_SCAN": "Available after",
            "STATUS": {
                "PENDING": "Pending",
                "RUNNING": "Running",
                "STOPPED": "Stopped",
                "ERROR": "Error",
                "SUCCESS": "Success",
                "SCHEDULED": "Scheduled"
            "MANUAL": "Manual",
            "SCHEDULED": "Scheduled"
948 949 950 951 952 953
        "TEST_MAIL_SUCCESS": "Connection to mail server is verified.",
        "TEST_LDAP_SUCCESS": "Connection to LDAP server is verified.",
        "TEST_MAIL_FAILED": "Failed to verify mail server with error: {{param}}.",
        "TEST_LDAP_FAILED": "Failed to verify LDAP server with error: {{param}}.",
        "LEAVING_CONFIRMATION_TITLE": "Confirm to leave",
954 955
        "LEAVING_CONFIRMATION_SUMMARY": "Changes have not been saved yet. Do you want to leave current page?",
        "TEST_OIDC_SUCCESS": "Connection to OIDC server is verified."
956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992 993
        "MAIN_TITLE": "Page not found",
        "SUB_TITLE": "Redirecting to main page in",
        "UNIT": "seconds..."
    "ABOUT": {
        "VERSION": "Version",
        "BUILD": "Build",
        "COPYRIGHT": "Project Harbor is an an open source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content. Harbor extends the open source Docker Distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by users such as security, identity and management. Harbor supports advanced features such as user management, access control, activity monitoring, and replication between instances. Having a registry closer to the build and run environment can also improve image transfer efficiency.",
        "COPYRIGHT_SUFIX": ".",
        "TRADEMARK": "VMware is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademark of their respective companies.",
        "END_USER_LICENSE": "End User License Agreement",
        "OPEN_SOURCE_LICENSE": "Open Source/Third Party License"
    "START_PAGE": {
        "GETTING_START": "",
        "GETTING_START_TITLE": "Getting Started"
    "TOP_REPO": "Popular Repositories",
        "TITLE": "STATISTICS",
        "PRO_ITEM": "PROJECTS",
        "INDEX_PUB": "PUBLIC",
        "INDEX_TOTAL": "TOTAL",
        "STORAGE": "STORAGE",
        "LIMIT": "Limit"
    "SEARCH": {
        "IN_PROGRESS": "Search...",
        "BACK": "Back"
        "STATE": {
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AllForNothing committed
            "OTHER_STATUS": "Not Scanned",
995 996
            "QUEUED": "Queued",
            "ERROR": "View Log",
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AllForNothing committed
            "SCANNING": "Scanning"
998 999 1000 1001 1002 1003
        "GRID": {
            "PLACEHOLDER": "We couldn't find any scanning results!",
            "COLUMN_ID": "Vulnerability",
            "COLUMN_SEVERITY": "Severity",
            "COLUMN_PACKAGE": "Package",
            "COLUMN_PACKAGES": "Packages",
1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012
            "COLUMN_VERSION": "Current version",
            "COLUMN_FIXED": "Fixed in version",
            "COLUMN_DESCRIPTION": "Description",
            "FOOT_ITEMS": "Items",
            "FOOT_OF": "of"
        "CHART": {
            "SCANNING_TIME": "Scan completed time:",
            "SCANNING_PERCENT": "Scan completed percent:",
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He Weiwei committed
            "SCANNING_PERCENT_EXPLAIN": "Scan completed percentage is calculated as # of successfully scanned images / total number of images referenced within the image index.",
1015 1016
            "TOOLTIPS_TITLE": "{{totalVulnerability}} of {{totalPackages}} {{package}} have known {{vulnerability}}.",
            "TOOLTIPS_TITLE_SINGULAR": "{{totalVulnerability}} of {{totalPackages}} {{package}} has known {{vulnerability}}.",
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AllForNothing committed
            "TOOLTIPS_TITLE_ZERO": "No recognizable vulnerability detected"
1018 1019
        "SEVERITY": {
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AllForNothing committed