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Commit 074f7015 authored by AllForNothing's avatar AllForNothing
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Improve i18n for tag deletion

Signed-off-by: default avatarAllForNothing <>
parent 7ae96f7d
......@@ -674,8 +674,8 @@
"DELETION_SUMMARY_REPO": "确认删除镜像仓库 {{repoName}}?",
"DELETION_TITLE_ARTIFACT": "删除镜像 Artifact 确认",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_ARTIFACT": "确认删除镜像 Artifact {{param}}? 如果您删除此 Artifact,则这个 digest 的所有 Tag 也将被删除。",
"DELETION_TITLE_TAG": "删除镜像 Tag 确认",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG": "确认删除镜像 Tag {{param}}? 如果您删除此 Tag,则这个 Tag 引用的同一个 digest 的所有其他 Tag 也将被删除。",
"DELETION_TITLE_TAG": "删除 Tag 确认",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG": "确认删除 Tag {{param}}?",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG_DENIED": "要删除此镜像 Tag 必须首先从 Notary 中删除。\n请执行如下 Notary 命令删除:\n",
"TAGS_NO_DELETE": "在只读模式下删除是被禁止的",
......@@ -670,8 +670,8 @@
"DELETION_SUMMARY_REPO": "確認刪除鏡像倉庫{{repoName}}?",
"DELETION_TITLE_ARTIFACT": "刪除鏡像Artifact 確認",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_ARTIFACT": "確認刪除鏡像Artifact {{param}}? 如果您刪除此Artifact,則這個digest 的所有Tag 也將被刪除。",
"DELETION_TITLE_TAG": "刪除鏡像Tag 確認",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG": "確認刪除鏡像Tag {{param}}? 如果您刪除此Tag,則這個Tag 引用的同一個digest 的所有其他Tag 也將被刪除。",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG": "確認刪除Tag {{param}}?",
"DELETION_SUMMARY_TAG_DENIED": "要刪除此鏡像Tag 必須首先從Notary 中刪除。\n請執行如下Notary 命令刪除:\n",
"TAGS_NO_DELETE": "在只讀模式下刪除是被禁止的",
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