Docker-in-Docker (DinD) capabilities of public runners deactivated. More info

Commit 3abba0ad authored by Martin Souchal's avatar Martin Souchal
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poc csan

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"headerBgColor": "",
"headerLogo": "",
"loginBgImg": "",
"appTitle": "",
"headerBgColor": "#000000",
"headerLogo": "csan.png",
"loginBgImg": "back.jpg",
"appTitle": "CSAN",
"product": {
"name": "",
"name": "CSAN",
"title": "A scientific marketplace",
"company": "CNRS",
"introduction": {
"zh-cn": "",
"es-es": "",
"en-us": ""
"en-us": "",
"fr-fr": "CSAN est une initiative du groupe ComputeOps pour la mise en commun d'applications scientifiques pré-compilées et prêtes à l'emploi."
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