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feat(code):enable code security scanning (#12382)

add codeql-analysis.yml file
parent 264bd028
name: "Code scanning - action"
- cron: '0 16 * * 6'
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Checkout repository
uses: actions/checkout@v2
# We must fetch at least the immediate parents so that if this is
# a pull request then we can checkout the head.
fetch-depth: 2
# If this run was triggered by a pull request event, then checkout
# the head of the pull request instead of the merge commit.
- run: git checkout HEAD^2
if: ${{ github.event_name == 'pull_request' }}
# Initializes the CodeQL tools for scanning.
- name: Initialize CodeQL
uses: github/codeql-action/init@v1
# Override language selection by uncommenting this and choosing your languages
# with:
# languages: go, javascript, csharp, python, cpp, java
# Autobuild attempts to build any compiled languages (C/C++, C#, or Java).
# If this step fails, then you should remove it and run the build manually (see below)
- name: Autobuild
uses: github/codeql-action/autobuild@v1
# ℹ️ Command-line programs to run using the OS shell.
# 📚 https://git.io/JvXDl
# ✏️ If the Autobuild fails above, remove it and uncomment the following three lines
# and modify them (or add more) to build your code if your project
# uses a compiled language
#- run: |
# make bootstrap
# make release
- name: Perform CodeQL Analysis
uses: github/codeql-action/analyze@v1
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