Commit 7c16cbfe authored by wang yan's avatar wang yan
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fix scan controller test introduced by api change

Signed-off-by: default avatarwang yan <>
parent 25f638a9
......@@ -527,8 +527,8 @@ func (mrc *MockRobotController) UpdateRobotAccount(r *model.Robot) error {
// ListRobotAccount ...
func (mrc *MockRobotController) ListRobotAccount(pid int64) ([]*model.Robot, error) {
args := mrc.Called(pid)
func (mrc *MockRobotController) ListRobotAccount(query *q.Query) ([]*model.Robot, error) {
args := mrc.Called(query)
if args.Get(0) == nil {
return nil, args.Error(1)
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