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# ESCAPE metadata template
A machine-readable metadata template for ESCAPE software.
Download and use the latest version of this template to upload your software in the ESCAPE repository.
There are mandatory and optional fields.
Please find below the description of the fields.
Comments are welcome. Open an issue here or email the authors.
## Mandatory
......@@ -27,17 +30,20 @@ Please find below the description of the fields.
- grant/funding
- contributors
- references
- software requirements and dependencies
- programming language
- external dependencies (including matching versions)
- operating system and compilation environement
- language: programming language
- dependencies: external dependencies (including matching versions)
- os: operating system
- compiler: compilation environement
- harware requirements
- general use case (HPC, server, local desktop)
- CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD requirements
- GPU requirements
- multi-threading: true or false
- container: dependency (including matching version)
## Keywords
## Keywords list
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