Commit b51fe28f authored by J.Dudouet [IPNL/CSNSM]'s avatar J.Dudouet [IPNL/CSNSM]
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forgot to declare an histogram...

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// c3abf467-7ff2-0310-b516-c5fb849bdde0
parent d3b323be
......@@ -428,6 +428,7 @@ TrackingWatcher::TrackingWatcher(const char *name, const char *title, TDirectory
fGammaType = MakeTH1<TH1I>("GammaType","Interaction type (0:undef 1:single 2:compton 3:pair",4,0,4);
fGammaFOM = MakeTH1<TH1F>("FoM","Figure of Merit",1000,0,2);
fFOMvsTrackedEnergy = MakeTH2<TH2F>("FOMvsTrackedEnergy","Figure of Merit versus tracked energy matrix",4096,0,4096,1000,0,2);
fGxG = MakeTH2<TH2F>("GxG","Gamma Gamma matrix",4096,0,4096,4096,0,4096);
fGxG_DC = MakeTH2<TH2F>("GxG_DC","Gamma Gamma matrix with Doppler Correction",4096,0,4096,4096,0,4096);
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