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Commit 136883b4 authored by DUVERNE Pierre-Alexandre's avatar DUVERNE Pierre-Alexandre
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parent 65e56c7b
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Mon Dec 7 13:13:10 2020
@author: duverne
from import fits
from astropy.time import Time
import glob
def add_filter(fits_file, band):
with, mode = 'update') as hdul:
hdul[0].header.append(('FILTER', band))
def add_MJD(fits_file, mjd):
with, mode = 'update') as hdul:
hdul[0].header.append(('MJD-OBS', mjd))
file = '/home/duverne/gmadet/final_kepd/gmadet_results/ATLAS18qqn_0_g_20180620_043424.017130_o/ATLAS18qqn_0_g_20180620_043424.017130_o.fits'
# list_file = glob.glob('/home/duverne/Documents/AT2018cow_data/kped/g_band'+'/*')
list_file = glob.glob('/media/duverne/DISQUE ESSB/AT2018cow/kepd/r_band'+'/*')
list_file=[file for file in list_file if '_psf' not in file and 'sub_' not in file]
for file in list_file:
# add_filter(file, 'g')
name = file.split('/')[-1]
obs = name.split('_')
y = obs[3][0:4]
m = obs[3][4:6]
d = obs[3][6:8]
time = y + '-' + m + '-' + d +'T'
h = obs[4][0:2]
mi = obs[4][2:4]
sec = obs[4][4:]
time_utc = Time(time, format='isot')
mjd = time_utc.mjd
add_MJD(file, mjd)
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