Commit 3aee3f5d authored by Christian Tacke's avatar Christian Tacke
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Properly handle first entry in person lists

If the field does not yet exist in the zenodo json, create
it, AND add the data.

Also simplify the loop.
parent f7ab0fff
......@@ -90,23 +90,23 @@ def add_author_metadata(zenodo_file, codemt_file, field):
full_contacts[zenodo_person['name']] = zenodo_person
# then save each person by field and avoid duplicates
for i, person in enumerate(full_contacts):
for person in full_contacts:
if field in creators_fields:
# Contributors and maintainers in the same zenodo key
if i == 0 and 'creators' not in zenodo_file:
if 'creators' not in zenodo_file:
zenodo_file['creators'] = []
elif person not in zenodo_file['creators']:
if person not in zenodo_file['creators']:
pass # avoid duplicates
elif field in contributors_fields:
if i == 0 and 'contributors' not in zenodo_file:
if 'contributors' not in zenodo_file:
zenodo_file['contributors'] = []
elif person not in zenodo_file['contributors']:
if person not in zenodo_file['contributors']:
pass # avoid duplicates
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