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# machine-readable-template
# ESCAPE metadata template
Simple repository to provide a machine-readable template for ESCAPE projects
A machine-readable metadata template for ESCAPE projects
There are mandatory and optional fields defined from this [working document](
Please find below the description of the fields.
## Mandatory
- project title
- title: project title
- authors: list of authors
- contact:
- name: could be a person or an entity (e.g. ESCAPE or CTA Observatory)
- email
- description: short description
- keywords: to be selected in a defined list of keywords
- license: open source
- keywords: list of keywords to categories the project. A pre-defined list of keywords is given below.
- license: the open-source project license (e.g. MIT)
## Optional
- Digital Object Identifier (doi)
- publication date (if already published elsewere, leave empty otherwise)
- type of publication: source code, packages, containerized... (complete list TBD)
- type of publication: software, document, image, audio, video, publication, poster, presentation, lesson, other
- grant/funding
- contributors
- references
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