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# machine-readable-template
Simple repository to provide a machine-readable template for ESCAPE projects
There are mandatory and optional fields.
## Mandatory
- project title
- authors
- description
- keywords
- license
## Optional
- Digital Object Identifier (doi)
- publication date (if already published elsewere, leave empty otherwise)
- type of publication: source code, packages, containerized... (complete list TBD)
- grant/funding
- contributors
- references
- software requirements and dependencies
- programming language
- external dependencies (including matching versions)
- operating system and compilation environement
- harware requirements
- general use case (HPC, server, local desktop)
- CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD requirements
- GPU requirements
## Keywords
(complete list TBD)
- research infrastructure: LSST, CTA, SKA, Virgo/LIGO, LOFAR...
- machine learning
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