Commit cc9c2516 authored by Enrique Garcia's avatar Enrique Garcia
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Merge branch 'pr/fix_first_person_entry' into 'master'

Properly handle first entry in person lists

See merge request !3
parents f7ab0fff 3aee3f5d
......@@ -90,23 +90,23 @@ def add_author_metadata(zenodo_file, codemt_file, field):
full_contacts[zenodo_person['name']] = zenodo_person
# then save each person by field and avoid duplicates
for i, person in enumerate(full_contacts):
for person in full_contacts:
if field in creators_fields:
# Contributors and maintainers in the same zenodo key
if i == 0 and 'creators' not in zenodo_file:
if 'creators' not in zenodo_file:
zenodo_file['creators'] = []
elif person not in zenodo_file['creators']:
if person not in zenodo_file['creators']:
pass # avoid duplicates
elif field in contributors_fields:
if i == 0 and 'contributors' not in zenodo_file:
if 'contributors' not in zenodo_file:
zenodo_file['contributors'] = []
elif person not in zenodo_file['contributors']:
if person not in zenodo_file['contributors']:
pass # avoid duplicates
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