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# template_escape
A simple example project to be used as a template
A simple example project to be used as a template.
## Guidelines
Please take few minutes to check [ESCAPE repository's guidelines](https://gitlab.in2p3.fr/escape2020/guidelines) (License, access, PEP8 style...)
It shows the **basic documentation** a project should include, following the [opensource guide](https://opensource.guide/starting-a-project/):
* An [open source](https://help.github.com/en/github/creating-cloning-and-archiving-repositories/licensing-a-repository#where-does-the-license-live-on-my-repository) **license**.
* A **README** [file](https://help.github.com/en/github/getting-started-with-github/create-a-repo#commit-your-first-change), similar to this one.
* Contributing guidelines (see below).
* A code of conduct (TBD).
* It would be higly suitable to include too:
- A setup file to install the library.
- A .gitignore file.
- The structure of the repository within a file with same name as the project.
- Unitary and integration test.
**Please feel free to copy / base on / template this project!** (Look to left of the `Clone or download` button).
A structure similar to this repository is likely advised. **Please feel free to
copy / base on it /** ***template it*** **!** (Look to left of the
`Clone or download` button).
- A readme.md file.
- A setup file to install the library.
- A .gitignore file.
- An **open source** license / license file.
Take few minutes to check the [ESCAPE repository's guidelines](https://gitlab.in2p3.fr/escape2020/guidelines) too.
- The structure of the repository (***same name as project***)
- Include unitary test would be awesome !
# Contributing guidelines
## How to provide software to the repository
If you wish to provide software to the ESCAPE repository, you should ask developer access through the Gitlab inferface and send an email to vuillaume [at] lapp.in2p3.fr with your institution email.
## How to publish in ESCAPE
You will then be able to open a new project and transfere code.
All the code provided should be uploaded from the [zenodo ESCAPE community](https://zenodo.org/communities/escape2020/).
For a detailed explanation of how to submit a contribution to a project / repository (Fork, create a branch, make a Pull Resquest...), please check the [opensource guide](https://opensource.guide/how-to-contribute/#how-to-submit-a-contribution) and or the [git's documentation](https://git-scm.com/doc).
# Citing
Please do not forget to cite the ESCAPE repository ! (ESCAPE DOI will be available soon !)
## Report issue / Ask a question
Use [GitLab Issues (insert correct link)](https://github.com/garciagenrique/test_repo_ESCAPE/issues)
Use [GitLab Issues](https://gitlab.in2p3.fr/groups/escape2020/-/issues).
# Contact
Email to vuillaume [at] lapp.in2p3.fr / garcia [at] lapp.in2p3.fr.
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