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creation of the simple library

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# template_escape
A simple example project to be used as a template
## Guidelines
Please take few minutes to check [ESCAPE repository's guidelines]( (License, access, PEP8 style...)
A structure similar to this repository is likely advised. **Please feel free to
copy / base on it /** ***template it*** **!** (Look to left of the
`Clone or download` button).
- A file.
- A setup file to install the library.
- A .gitignore file.
- An **open source** license / license file.
- The structure of the repository (***same name as project***)
- Include unitary test would be awesome !
## How to provide software to the repository
## How to publish in ESCAPE
## Report issue / Ask a question
Use [GitLab Issues (insert correct link)](
import setuptools
import template_escape
description="DESCRIPTION", # these should be minimum list of what is needed to run
package_data={'template_escape': ['./template_escape/*']},
author='See Guidelines',
author_email='See Guidelines',
license='See LICENSE file',
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Template module with an example for the ESCAPE project
import numpy as np
def square_number(number):
"""Function that returns the square of the input number.
number: int or float - number to square.
the square of the input number.
return np.square(number)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import numpy as np
from template_escape.code_escape import square_number
def test_square_number():
test_number = square_number(np.random.random_sample())
assert test_number > 0
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