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add to README how to install the library, and some links and examples

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......@@ -9,11 +9,15 @@ It shows the **basic documentation** a project should include, following the [op
* An [open source]( **license**.
* A [**README** file](, similar to this one.
* Contributing guidelines (see below).
* A code of conduct (TBD).
* Contributing guidelines.
- See below the general guidelines for the ESCAPE repository.
* A [code of conduct](
- Check why is a good idea to add one.
* The structure of the repository.
* It would be highly suitable to include too:
- A setup file to install the library.
- A setup file as well as the basic commands to install the library (see below).
- A .gitignore file.
- Unitary and integration tests.
......@@ -21,7 +25,7 @@ It shows the **basic documentation** a project should include, following the [op
Take few minutes to check the [ESCAPE repository's guidelines]( too.
# Contributing guidelines
# Contributing guidelines for the ESCAPE repository
If you wish to provide software to the ESCAPE repository, you should ask developer access through the Gitlab interface and send an email to vuillaume [at] with your institution email.
......@@ -35,8 +39,20 @@ Once you are granted with developer access, you will be able to add a new blank
- ***PLEASE NOTE*** that if you have login GitLab by using the `[Shibbolenth]` service (eduGAIN, Fédération d'Identités RENATER), you will need to [add a SSH key]( to your GitLab profile if you want to 'push' your changes to the server.
# Installation
$ git clone
$ cd template_project_escape
$ python install
This is an easy method to install the library.
You can also check other more elaborated ways - generally for bigger repositories - here (e.g., [cta-observatory/cta-lstchain](, [cta-observatory/ctapipe](
# Citing
Please do not forget to cite the ESCAPE repository ! (ESCAPE DOI will be available soon !)
Please do not forget to cite the ESCAPE repository !
<p align="center">ESCAPE DOI will be available soon !</p>
# Report an issue / Ask a question
Use [GitLab Issues](
......@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@ import template_escape
description="DESCRIPTION", # these should be minimum list of what is needed to run
description="Template project for the ESCAPE repository",
package_data={'template_project_escape': ['./template_project_escape/*']},
author='See Guidelines',
author_email='See Guidelines',
license='See LICENSE file',
license='Open Source. MIT license. See LICENSE file.',
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