Commit fa9a21e5 authored by Enrique Garcia's avatar Enrique Garcia
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in the repo, .zenodo.json file does not exist

parent 96c3b6e7
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......@@ -2,8 +2,10 @@
import json
import unittest
# import tempfile
# import requests
from pathlib import Path
from os import remove
from os.path import dirname, realpath
from zenodoci.zenodoapi import ZenodoAPI
......@@ -85,10 +87,20 @@ class TestZenodoAPI(unittest.TestCase):
assert z.exist_zenodo_metadata_file is False
assert z.exist_zenodo_metadata_file is True
assert z.exist_zenodo_metadata_file is False
def test_conversion_codemeta2zenodo_and_search_zenodo_file(self):
token = 'FakeToken'
z = ZenodoAPI(access_token=token,
assert z.exist_zenodo_metadata_file is True
zenodo_file_path = Path(ROOT_DIR) / '.zenodo.json'
assert z.path_zenodo_metadata_file == zenodo_file_path
assert zenodo_file_path.is_file()
with open(z.path_zenodo_metadata_file) as f:
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