Commit 05577af2 authored by LEGEARD Luc's avatar LEGEARD Luc
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add MFMCommonFrame(MFMCommonFrame* frame) constructor

parent 9556a941
......@@ -37,14 +37,15 @@ MFMCommonFrame::MFMCommonFrame(int unitBlock_size, int dataSource,
MFMCommonFrame::MFMCommonFrame(MFMCommonFrame* frame) {
/// Constructor \n
int i=0;
char* pttest;
char* thispttest;
int size = testframe->GetFrameSize();
int size = frame->GetFrameSize();
thispttest = (char*)(GetPointHeader());
pttest = (char*)(testframe->GetPointHeader());
pttest = (char*)(frame->GetPointHeader());
for (i=0; i<size; i++) {
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