Commit 4f0e65c7 authored by LEGEARD Luc's avatar LEGEARD Luc
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remove a bug in ReaGenericFrame , in filling vector for GRU TTree

parent 73ad1e6f
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ void MFMReaGenericFrame::SetTabValues(){
fTabValueTimeStamp = GetTimeStamp();
fBoardIndex = fConvertNoBoardIndex[fBoardNumber];
if (fInitTabValuesDone==false)return;
if ((fNumberOfBoards>fBoardIndex)and ( fNumberOfBoards >fChannel)){
if ((fNumberOfBoards>fBoardIndex)and ( NUMEXO_NB_CHANNELS >fChannel)){
fEnergy[fBoardIndex][fChannel] = GetEnergy();
fTime[fBoardIndex][fChannel] = GetTime();
fTypeTNS[fBoardIndex][fChannel] = GetTypeTns();
#define MFM_VERSION "v21.07.28"
#define MFM_VERSION "v21.09.14"
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