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Commit 08942319 authored by Philippe Gauron's avatar Philippe Gauron Committed by Philippe Gauron
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Correction des tests d'existence du dossier yat*

parent 2f50b65d
......@@ -601,11 +601,11 @@ then
sudo apt install --assume-yes subversion
sudo apt install --assume-yes -d pkg-config cmake
if [ ! -e "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT-1.14.5" ]
if [ ! -d "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT-1.14.5" ]
svn checkout "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT-1.14.5"
if [ ! -e "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT4Tango-1.11.4" ]
if [ ! -d "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT4Tango-1.11.4" ]
svn checkout "${REPO_DIR}/tmp/YAT4Tango-1.11.4"
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