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# ThomX control-command management scripts
## Content of the repository
Several scripts allows to manage ThomX control-command:
- []( is used to install a TANGO_HOST server, a TANGO server running Device Servers, a TANGO archiving server or a TANGO client.
Parameters value into []( define the type of wanted functionnalities of the server.
Some parameters can be set to 0 to disable the functionnality, or 1 to enable it:
* `DOWNLOAD_ONLY` downloads software without installing it. It's meant for case where network can be unavailable or unstable.
* `DEPENDENCIES` lets script needed determine if some software is needed for another set parameter.
* `DATABASE` installs MariaDB database server and phpmyadmin.
* `TANGO` installs TANGO base tools for a client.
* `CLIENT` installs tools needed of a graphical client.
* `TANGO_DB` installs a TANGO_HOST server, also called ''database server''.
Depends on `TANGO` and `DATABASE`.
* `ARCHIVING` installs ArchivingRoot and eGiga2m.
Depends on `DATABASE`.
Two parameters are defined into this file:
* `ARCHIVING_DIR`defines the path where will be stored archiving data.
Default is `"/var/archivage"`.
* `TANGOSERVER` defines the Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the TANGO_HOST used by the configuration.
If set to the hostname, it means the installation should be a server.
- []( allows to check installed packages, system configuration and TANGO configuration. It uses []( file to determine which tests to run.
Its output should allow to make diagnostic in case of failure.
- []( allows to uninstall some or all parts of TANGO installation.
Not up-to-date.
- []( gives an example of how to permanently enable some services.
- []( gives an example of how to permanently disable some services.
## Installation
To use those scripts, you must have a debian 9 installed.
Then install `git` package: `apt install git` and execute:
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