Commit 5186ba43 authored by Jérémie Dudouet's avatar Jérémie Dudouet Committed by Jérémie Dudouet
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Add core low gain and core T0 info

parent 4b7a0c9f
......@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@ void TB_AGATA_Builder::InitTree()
fTree->Branch("nbHitsperCry", nbHitsperCry, "nbHitsperCry[nbCores]/I");
fTree->Branch("coreId", coreId, "coreId[nbCores]/I");
fTree->Branch("coreE0", coreE0, "coreE0[nbCores]/F");
fTree->Branch("coreE1", coreE1, "coreE1[nbCores]/F");
fTree->Branch("coreT0", coreT0, "coreT0[nbCores]/F");
fTree->Branch("coreTS", coreTS, "coreTS[nbCores]/l");
fTree->Branch("nbAdd", &nbAdd, "nbAdd/I");
......@@ -212,7 +214,9 @@ void TB_AGATA_Builder::Process(Int_t idet)
// Core like branches
coreId[i] = data->GetUID();
coreE0[i] = data->GetE();
coreE0[i] = data->GetE(0);
coreE1[i] = data->GetE(1);
coreT0[i] = data->GetT(0);
coreTS[i] = ((AgataKey *)fFrame->GetFrame()->GetKey())->GetTimeStamp();
// Loop on the hit to get over the hits with the max of the energy
......@@ -64,11 +64,13 @@ protected:
Int_t nbCores; // for more than 1 frame (built event)
Int_t nbHitsperCry[MaxCore]; // nb of hits epr crystal
Int_t coreId[MaxCore]; // for each crystal fired its ID
Float_t coreE0[MaxCore]; // Core energie, high gain
Float_t coreE0[MaxCore]; // Core energy, high gain
Float_t coreE1[MaxCore]; // Core energy, low gain
Float_t coreT0[MaxCore]; // Core time, high gain
Int_t nbAdd; // Addback multiplicity
Int_t AddId[MaxCore]; // Addback crystal Id of the hit with highest energy
Float_t AddE[MaxCore]; // Addback Energy
Float_t AddE[MaxCore]; // Addback energy
Float_t AddX[MaxCore]; // XYZ Position of the hit with highest energy
Float_t AddY[MaxCore];
Float_t AddZ[MaxCore];
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